Thursday, August 26, 2010

Welcome, Billie Williams

Who your sleuth is determines what type of mystery you are writing or reading. Did you know that?

Whodunit? Is important, but who is investigating it brings a whole quandary of possibilities to explore as well.

Whether you are a writer (of any style, from novel or short story, to play or the big screen) you should read how to books. If you’re a reader, you should read how to books. It will give you some idea what your favorite author goes through to write what you love to read.

Let’s talk specifics. Let’s talk Crime Fiction. Perhaps you call it mystery, suspense, or thriller – whatever you call it you need to know what a publisher, book club, bookstore, movie director or editor calls it, so that you can find what you love to read or so you can direct your Manuscript query to the right place.
Most of us classify crime fiction simply as mystery, suspense or thriller. But, how do publishers and bookstores class them?

Robert McKee, author of Story, substance, structure, style and the principles of screenwriting offers some clarification:

It all depends on the Point Of View (POV) of your character. Who is holding the camera on his/her hypothetical shoulder? Who is telling the story? If the story is told from the Master Detective’s Point of View, it’s a Murder Mystery. A Caper is told from the crooks POV and a Detective Story is told from the cops POV.
A Gangster story will be told from the Crooks POV, Thriller or revenge tale, is told from the victim’s POV. If we have a lawyer’s account of the tale it becomes a Courtroom Drama. Reporter’s POV, it’s a Newspaper Tale, Espionage tale is told by the spy and more than likely on the side of good vs evil.

If you want to tell a Prison Story it should be told from the POV of an inmate. Now, a Film Noir enthusiast will have his/her protagonist be part criminal, part detective, part victim of perhaps a feme fatale POV character.

So now you are armed to find the type of story you want to read, or to classify your story so that a publisher will look at your query and know you know what you are trying to portray.

Billie A Williams, Mystery – Suspense author whose Accidental Sleuths solve crimes with wit, wisdom, and chutzpah

Here are two of her wonderful books:

Tracker went to print this month from Whiskey Creek Press. A police officer's heart attack freed convicted killer Jeddah Close while he was being transported to a maximum security facility. He pledges that neither a tornado, nor April Shauers and her bloodhounds will force him to relinquish his new found freedom." 

 Antique Armor which will be released September 1st from Wings ePress.In this story, each character armors him/herself against baggage from the past in the sense that past equals antique, and cover up equals armor. This armor, especially for the protagonist, BELINDA EPHRON, becomes as ungainly as the real suit of armor when she becomes tangled in her own paranoia. It’s up to the younger sister, JUNE FABRIZIO, to untangle the web of deceit --is it murder, or accident? Is it a curse of the Antique Armor or something else?  Was Aunt Rosa, original owner of the Antique Rose Antique Shop, part of a plot or an unwilling cohort?

Find out more about Billie on her website.


Margaret Tanner said...

Wow Billie,
How do you come up with such intriguing story lines? I thought I had a good imagination but you leave me wallowing in your wake. Good luck with your projects.



jrlindermuth said...

Good points for all of us to ponder, Billie. And I agree with Margaret--you have some original concepts. Best regards.

Word Crafter said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Guess I've always had a vivid imagination - What If? is my constant companion.
Thanks for commenting Margaret and John.

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