Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome, Celia Cooper/C.L. Kraemer

This Writer’s Curious Journey

It was my intention to become an ‘artist’. My childhood imaginations had me as an Academy Award winning actress or gold record recording artist. Writing was a long way down the list, yet… it was always how I expressed my innermost feelings. While that may seem logical to most, I’ve always been a bit hard headed. The path was not clear to me.

When I entered and became a finalist in an online contest, the muse was freed from her prison and unwilling to be silenced. My first attempts, written under the pseudonym Celia Cooper, were Encore L’Amor romances featuring older heroes and heroines. I’ve been twenty-two and recall some of the angst but find writing from the more experienced view more challenging.

A new online publisher took a chance on me and I decided after my third published book, I didn’t find the siren song of the big publishing houses that enticing. My work was being exposed to the public and people were responding.

I challenged myself to write outside my comfort zone and create a fantasy novel unlike all the others on the shelves; a feat not easily accomplished. Like others, I chose to write of dragons but set in modern day. The story’s beginning was prompted by the eruption of Mt. St. Helen’s in the Northwest; an event I witnessed. From the auspicious beginning, I employed the writer’s best friend and tactic, what if.

The result is a tale whose life started as a single story, morphed into a trilogy and has come full circle to a series of nine. As we writers know, it is difficult to stop a character once you’ve given them the ability to communicate.

I put together a story for an anthology involving gnomes, faeries and night elves. This too has started more adventures into their doings in the meadows east of Eugene, Oregon. All my fantasy work is written under my own name, C.L. Kraemer.

In dabbling in the world of the vast imagination, I’ve created races and worlds whose rules I decide. I believe I’ve found my niche. I’ll occasionally write romances because, for me, they flow so easily, but my heart is covered in chain mail and armor and my vision is on the never-ending struggles between dragons, faeries and other creatures.

My work can be viewed at under Celia Cooper and C. L. Kraemer and at under C.L. Kraemer.

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Genene Valleau said...

Hey, Chris! I always enjoy hearing of the journeys that lead to writing, especially if they do not involve an author being born with a pen in their hand, because I also came late to writing. :)

But I'm so glad you arrived at that place where writing claimed you so we could read your wonderful stories. And I'm also delighted to help you celebrate the release of DRAGONS AMONG US, and look forward to more of this series!

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