Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome, the driving force behind MIU, Lea Schizas

I sat here wondering what can I post? What can I possibly post that may spark interest? Then it hit me…what I’m good at preaching…Negativity Deletion.
As writers we tend to forget that the computer is not really a part of our anatomy. It’s there to allow our creative Muse to get her thoughts down before we bust a nerve cursing, “Why! Why didn’t I write it down!”
But this isn’t easy for us at times because in the background we have the whisperings of those who we call our ‘loved ones’ complaining that we spend more time on the computer than on them. No, wait, that’s my husband. GRIN! You get my drift though. These loved ones have no idea what it means to be a passionate and determined writer. You will turn blue in the face explaining this passion all for not. If it’s not in their blood then can’t truly appreciate the time spent typing away.
Now let’s turn to those ‘loved ones’ again when you are e-published:
“I thought you said you were published!”
“I am.”
“On line in an e-book.”
“And how the heck am I supposed to read that?”
“On an e-reader…” you silently quiver and call them moron at this point, “and they’re so cool. You can turn the page just like a ‘real’ book, and the best feature is that you can enlarge the font and read more comfortably.”
“Are you saying I’m blind?”
Walk away at this point or else you’ll end up in jail.

But those hard writing hours at times are really hard because the laundry is piling up, food needs to be cooked, kids need to be taxied here and there, family/neighbour needs that cup of coffee and chatter with you, and the parent writer is left with exhaustion. This is your fault. You allow this to happen.
Perfect that nasty uplifted foaming at the mouth stare-down and you’ll frighten Godzilla himself if he dares to come knocking on your door for a cuppa when he knows it’s your writing time.
I believe a month or two ago two of my friends decided once again to drop by unexpectedly at a time they know is reserved for my writing and online business.
“Hey, what are you two doing here?”
“Came to surprise you.”
“You did but I’m in the middle of something.”
“You’re always playing on the computer.” Visualize that nasty uplifted foaming at the mouth stare-down at this point but also add a low-toned Exorcist growl, “Excuse me? Playing? Is that what you said? Let me ask you, do you see me coming to your office to ‘surprise’ you during working?”
Did I get pleasure seeing their pouts? No, but if they had the nerve to say I was ‘playing’ on the computer and didn’t respect my job then I didn’t see the need to reciprocate. Did I lose my friends? No. Did they apologize? No, but I’ve had peace and quiet when I laid down the laws of my home business to them.
So the gist of this post is to simply tell you that you are in control of your writing. Not your family, not your neighbour, and not your Muse because your Muse feeds off your emotional state and when you’re depressed she goes on a holiday without you.
Now I’m off to perfect that stare-down because someone’s knocking on the door.

Note from Ginger:  This woman accomplishes more in a day than the energizer bunny.  If you want proof, check out this page and discover more about Ms. Lea.


Arlene said...

Negativity Deletion. I love it.
I don't have the stare down yet. Thanks for the great tips on perfecting it. That glazed huh? Whatdaya want? just isnt strong enough.

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

Arlene, 'whatdaya want' can be effective but you need that staredown to show them you're serious. :)

Roseanne Dowell said...

I can relate. Why is it they think we're not working. And the part about the book being published, my brother just asked when I was going to get a real book published. I told him it was a real book and the wave of the future. He said he guessed he'd stop reading then. I ignored that email and he sent another saying - "there will always be print books." I ignored that one too. What's the use?

MuseItUp Publishing said...

There's no use trying to bust your pretty head and make them change with the times, unfortunately. Eventually they'll come around IF they are open to the new technology that's hitting the publishing world.

Rebecca Ryals Russell said...

Great post, Lea. And dead-on about the lack of respect for our 'job'. I get it all the time from my kids. "When I see some money from it, I'll say you're working." I have perfected the stare-down.

And NONE of the four of them (ages 21-10 - my target audience) have read any of my books and roll eyes when it's suggested.

Heather Haven said...

One of the problems of being over 35, putting aside a bad back and crabby knees, is that people want what they are used to and nothing new. This includes hand-held, paper books, just like when they were kids reading Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. Maybe even Winnie the Poo. Lewis and Clark experienced this I believe, when they they were on their way to discover the North West Passage. Nobody heard of the NW Passage, nobody knew where the NW Passage was, nobody gave a hoot about the NW Passage. But that was then, boys and girls, and ebooks and the Pacific Coast are here to stay.So, in a way, these nay-sayers are more to be pitied than censured.

Rhobin said...

Good advice, often hard to follow. The only visitor I would really welcome is my muse; always glad to see her!

S.Durham said...

Lea funny post! The point: that we are in charge of our writing time, is well taken. Something I definitely will be working on. And the 'you think I'm blind?' that's great. We are all gonna be there someday and those bigger fonts are going to come in handy.


Charlie said...

Love it! So true. No one really understands the need for the quiet, quality time. Lucky for me my muse likes to work late. That's when I can excuse myself and shut the world out. Thanks!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

oh, yeah, oh, yeah, you learn to scowl and not contribute to conversations to end them quickly. of course your stuck if the person doesn't care if you contribute and just likes to hear themselves talk. they you have to growl a little too.

Lum said...

I really like what you said here:

[[[So the gist of this post is to simply tell you that you are in control of your writing. Not your family, not your neighbour, and not your Muse because your Muse feeds off your emotional state and when you’re depressed she goes on a holiday without you.]]]

:) It's hard to remember sometimes, thanks for the reminder!! :)

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