Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome, Kay Dee Royal

Hello Ginger and everyone. I’m nervous and excited to talk about what’s happening in my life as an upcoming author for Muse It Up Publishing / Muse It Hot!

I left the corporate world to follow a dream ten years ago. Much has happened since then.

My first interest in fiction was writing for Young Adults, under another name. After writing three YA books, all still works in progress, I dipped my toes into the romance genre, more specifically paranormal erotica.

Besides reading YA fiction, I’m an avid reader of paranormal erotica and find it fun, new, and exciting to write.

In my writing journey, I’d joined a number of face-to-face and on-line writing critique groups. Big Kids Muse group is where I met Lea Schizas. She has an awesome Muse Online Writer’s Conference  in October which I’ve attended for the past four years. I highly recommend it to any aspiring or accomplished writer.

When Lea opened submissions for her upcoming Muse It Up Publishing / Muse It Hot! online book and e-book store, I submitted Big Girls Don’t Cry Wolf.

After a tragic loss of her twin sister, Brea works hard to prove herself worthy of her adoptive parent’s extra attention. She focuses on the success of the rustic resort her parents deeded to her.

Priorities change when sexy twin wolves in human form walk into Brea’s life.
A dangerous rogue abducts her, but whom, if anyone comes to her rescue?

Lea accepted my manuscript, now scheduled for release on March 1, 2011.
It’s been a whirlwind of writing activity for me ever since, with edits, creating a blog, and marketing. The online groups offered to authors as part of ‘Muse It Up Publishing’ – and – share knowledge, encouragement, and wisdom, everything a writer needs to help their writing flow at a steady pace. It’s hard to express how grateful I am to have found a place among such great authors.

I have an author page on the Muse It Hot! site where you can read more about my book.

Another short erotica novel I wrote, Alone On the Beach, was originally scheduled to be released on June 1, 2010 through Last Stand Productions. This novel is patiently waiting for its day in the sun…or rather, for their e-store to open, date pending.

My great admission in life is that I’m a sponge, always learning and growing along the way. It fascinates me, the multitude of ways to bring characters together, sparking relationships that blaze across the pages. I can only hope I do those characters justice.

Please visit me anytime at:

Ginger, I thank you for the invitation to guest on your blog. I’ve had a wonderful time.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

Oh Kay, I'm thrilled that you subbed to us because you have a good writer's voice and can't wait for the book to be released.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a peek at the history of your career. Nuggets that help us all.

Will watch for your book.

Arlene said...

I write paranormal romance also, and look forward to your release, Kay. Twins, wolves, you have me hooked. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Muse It Up - You make me blush! And smile really, really big.
Kay Dee

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous,
I'm glad there's a nugget that fits - thank you for your comment.
Kay Dee

Anonymous said...

Hello Arlene,
It's exciting to hear from another who writes paranormal romance. I'd love to check out your work as well. Thanks for visiting today.
Kay Dee

SharWillett said...

I've read your work before and can't wait till this one is out. You are great!

Charlie said...

Hello Kay Dee. Great interview. Was so interesting to learn so much more about you. Good luck. The books sound marvelous!

allison van rooy said...

KayDee - So glad you will get this out for all to read! The book is thrilling, fun, and sexy. What's better than that? Great interview!

Rosalie Skinner said...

What an interesting idea, twin wolves.. sounds intriguing. I look forward to your release too!
My reading list is growing every day!

Anonymous said...

Hello SharWillett,
Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading my work. You make me blush (all red-faced).
Kay Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm glad you like the sounds of my book.
Kay Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,
So glad you stopped by to visit. I guess you would be in the know of the book, being one of my critique readers. And you make me blush too - such nice things you say.
Kay Dee

Anonymous said...

Hi Dragonmuse,
So nice of you to stop by. I'm glad you consider my novel something intriguing enough to add to your reader list. Thank you.
Kay Dee

Karen McGrath said...

Nice to learn more about you. Best wishes with your writing, Kay Dee!

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