Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pat? Dale? Who's the Thankful One?

Even Molly looks suspicious.  :)
It’s that time of year again. This is when we strain our brain in search of reasons to be thankful for what we have. By the time you’re my age, I think we should be thankful each day we wake up and realize we got another reload. 

I do have a number of things to give thanks for, other than my still being on the planet as something other than plant food. First of all, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year. I was born on my parents second anniversary and thanksgiving, so I’m thankful for loving parents and a wonderful time of year to celebrate. 

I just got my quarterly royalty payment from one of my publishers, so I’m especially thankful that my books are still selling. Can’t wait until I’ll be getting one of these things from Muse. I’m excited as well as thankful that Lea and Litsa have got this baby going top speed already. Should be a fun ride, and not just for the money though that makes it even better.

Don’t know about the rest of you, but I write so others can share a bit of my strange creativity. Characters come to life in my brain and I bust my chops to get them out where the rest of the world (at least the part that is paying attention) can assimilate them. I just love it when a character comes to life!

I have a great family, mostly in good health, mostly more fun than the proverbial barrel of monkeys, and mostly hoping the old man (moi) will hang around a little longer. A tip of the hat to Craig, my son in law, who just had major back surgery and is back home recovering. He and my daughter Mikki have a pair of grandkids that would make anyone thankful to be their grandparent. And to Lecia, my daughter in Florida, who’s given the family Jaden, who lights up our smiles on a regular basis.

I also have more three more kids and a passel of grandkids all over this great country, something else I give thanks for. America is not perfect, but she’s the best thing to come along so far, and with a heart that reaches out to people all over the globe. 

So, that’s my thanksgiving shopping list in a nutshell. God has been kind to me, given me health, talent, family, and a wonderful land to spend my earth days with. How much better could it get?

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Let’s celebrate another year! Cheers,
Dale Thompson (living as Pat Dale in a book near your computer)

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Unknown said...

Hello Pat,
Lovely post. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving all rolled into one.

Yes, it's nice to just wake up in the morning with the whole day stretched ahead of you.

We all have 'life' to be thankful for, and your family sounds wonderful, and it's obvious you enjoy them so much.

I enjoyed your post and can relate. I wish you much success with your novels and I hope as more years pass, you keep them coming.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Great post and so well said. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a happy Thanksgiving.

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