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Stopping by on her Blog Tour, Betty Collier

Betty Collier is a wife, mother, daughter, sister, nurse, author, and child of the King. Married to William Collier since 1986, they live in Bartlett, Tennessee, with their sons, Jordan William and Brandon William.

Living Inside The Testimony is a collection of anecdotes compiled by author Betty Collier. In reading these stories, you will share in her journey and experience the inspiration, faith, hope, humor, romance, and love she experienced. The stories in Living Inside The Testimony revolve around Betty’s experiences with her family, friends, and other individuals who have contributed, often unknowingly, to the path God has chosen for her. You will hear the story of how Betty fell in love at age fourteen (with her future husband), about her husband’s near-death experience with emergency brain surgery a week before high school graduation, their experiences in New York a week prior to 9/11, and the frustrating ordeal she and her husband overcame when trying to build their dream home.

Betty attributes her success and her great love to God, and she shares with readers how God has orchestrated her life’s path every step of the way. Betty’s prayer is that you will see and feel Proverbs 3:5-6 come alive and speak to your heart as you take a walk with her, inside her testimony. She hopes you enjoy the journey and discover that we all live inside testimonies meant to be shared with others.

It's like watching a Lifetime Movie...You'll go to bed and dream about the real-life characters in the book...
It's a beautiful, heartfelt love story...
It's funny, amusing, and entertaining...
It's very emotional and inspirational...
You'll laugh on one page and cry on the next...
It's all about God's amazing love and abundant blessings...

And it's all true, straight from the heart of the author who has been on an incredible journey!

How to Find Humorous Inspiration

An editor for a magazine in which I ran an ad to promote my book, Living Inside The Testimony, asked me to come up with “A HOOK” that she could use as the headline for the ad. She said it needed to be something “catchy” that would peak the curiosity of radio and TV producers.  This is what I came up with:

·         I Became an Author Overnight, and I Remember the Exact Night it Happened
·         How to Become a Best Selling Author Overnight.
·         When You Live Inside a Testimony, You Can’t See It.
·         Why Read a Book Written by Someone Who Never Wanted to Write One?
·         Is it Luck or is it all Part of THE MASTER’S Plan?
·         Is Your Life Part of a Master Plan?

She considered all these suggestions, but after she read the book for herself, this is the headline she created and used for the ad:

Marrying Your High School Sweetheart is Great: Until Your Kids are in High School. Don’t Miss this Woman’s Fun Advice About Life

Having said all this, my point is simply that the book takes on so many different faces. It was written to be inspirational and encouraging, but it offers much more than that. It’s hard to categorize it only in the inspirational genre because it has so many other facets that are neatly tied together to flow very smoothly. The editor said she was definitely inspired, but felt the main thing I had been missing in my promotions was to stress the humorous side of the book also. She thought it was very funny, but also full of life, love, and faith. It has enough variety to appeal to the general population, whether you share my faith or not.

I never considered myself an author, and if you had asked me prior to January, 2009 if I would ever write a book, my answer would have immediately and adamantly been "absolutely not!"  Perhaps my honesty will make you wonder if the book is even worth reading, but I can assure you...I am an author. I became one overnight, and in fact, I remember the exact night it happened. It was after midnight when January 9th turned into January 10th, the night I dreamed about this book.  I am confident that if you allow me to share my journey with you, you will understand perfectly, but only if you have the faith to believe. I wrote this book based on faith, well aware that not everyone would share my faith. If you read the book, you will see that my journey has been inspired by faith, hope, humor, romance, and a lot of love. As one reader told me, "It's like being on a roller coaster. I didn't know what to expect next. I was laughing on one page and crying on the next...This book is a masterpiece!"

Also I would like to mention what has resulted because of the ad I ran in the magazine. I guess the “hook” worked because the president of an internet radio station has asked me to host a new talk show. Beginning November 15, I will debut as the host of “Living Inside The Testimony with Betty Collier” on You will be able to listen or play on demand and download the shows at any time beginning November 15.

Here is a sneak peak at the show’s description: ABOUT THE SHOW: “Get ready to remember this name: LIVING INSIDE THE TESTIMONY. Your life is never going to be the same. Host Betty Collier and her guests live each and every day inside the testimony. They will help you discover the inspiration that lies within all of us and prepare you to share it with others. Hear incredible stories of faith, hope, humor, romance and love, offering a source of inspiration and encouragement. Join Betty on this truly incredible journey of faith as if you, too, have been touched by an angel.”

For more information about my book, please visit

Here's the next stop on Betty's Tour...don't miss it.

NOTES from Ginger:

Betty would like to present a complimentary copy of her book and a free tote bag to one lucky person.  All you need to do to receive these gifts is be the first person to leave a comment saying your read her post on Ginger's blog.  Please go to and leave the comment there.

On November 5, Betty's tour continues at Changing Face of Publishing,  Please join her.

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