Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What is Roseanne Dowell Thankful For?

What am I most thankful for?

Wow, where do I even start? Back when I was a child? I’m thankful for my parents, their strict rules (although I didn’t think so at the time) my 3 brothers and two sisters. Thanksgiving was an important holiday in our lives. We always got together with one of my uncles and his family – aunt and four children. Needless to say it was quite a crowd. Thanksgiving was either at their house or ours. We always alternated. My parents are gone now as are one of my brothers and my older sister. But the memories remain and everything thanksgiving, they’re in my thoughts. Memories of how my aunt stuffed the turkey without pulling out the neck. We all had a good chuckle out of that. It was the first time she stuffed a turkey and she took the joking in her usual good natured way.
Next on the list is my husband. We married two days after Thanksgiving in 1962. My family was growing.  Now I had in-laws to share the holidays with too. By this time, of course, we no long shared the holiday with my uncle and his family. Too many of us were married with families of our own.
My husband and I began having Thanksgiving with his family – one brother – one sister. Usually there were friends from out of state who shared their day with us. My in-laws were gracious people and opened their home to several families from their church. Again, it was quite a crowd.
And then we had more to be thankful for. My oldest daughter was born – I can’t begin to describe the feeling. It wasn’t long before her two sisters and three brothers joined our family all within nine years. Needless to say, as they grew and got married, we began our own Thanksgiving tradition. Our family has since grown from my six children to fourteen grandchildren and a great grandchild. As their children grow, they’ve also started their own traditions and have thanksgiving with their families. We’re down to ten for dinner,  my three sons and their children. Later the rest of the family join us for dessert.
So what am I most thankful for? Needless to say my family. As my husband and I celebrate our 48th anniversary tomorrow (the 24th), memories of years past will fill my mind. I’ll remember the years growing up, my parents and siblings and maybe shed a tear or two for those who have gone before us. I’ll look at my children and a surge pride will well up inside of me as I watch them with their families.  I thank God for blessing me every day of the year, not just on Thanksgiving
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Karen McGrath said...

What a lovely post, Roseanne. Thanks for sharing. :)

Lea said...

Way to go, Roseanne. Our family must always come first...I need to remember this and get off the computer sometimes. :)

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks, Karen. You're right, Lea, sometimes I neglect hubby - (kids are gone so my computer time doesn't phase them).

Unknown said...

Great post Roseanne. My, how your family has grown over the years. That is such a blessing.
Have a great Thanksgiving this year.

Unknown said...

I am thankful for my MOMMY.

I love You


M. L. Archer said...

What a great Thanksgiving post! Thanks for sharing that!

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