Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good Tidings?

I'm going to break my own rule about posting anything related to the government and religion here. If I lose readers over this post, so be it.  It's time we all faced reality, and I'm not going to censor myself when I have dear friends  being tortured by a system they've supported with tax dollars their entire life.  I could promote a book, share a video, or a Christmas recipe, but frankly, I'm not in the mood today. I'm not asking you to share my viewpoints, rather just recognize that something stinks and it's right under our noses.

I'm finding it extremely hard to get into the Christmas spirit.  Oh, I'm excited for my grandsons (two more get added at Christmas), but saddened for those with less who search for some shred of happiness.  It's easy to say count your blessings when you have them, but when you are watching your belongings and feelings of safety slip away, how do you find the energy to count the good that remains?  I'm running out of positive things to say to my friends.

If someone told me I could make a wish on the Christmas Star this year, it would be that our dear friends and neighbors, people who have gone out of their way to help others and have been so good to us, would find jobs and gain back the self-respect and integrity they had.  I would add in a special request that my sister find an employer who accepts and realizes what a wonderful and productive worker she is, and appreciates just that. It's a shame when you have to swallow your pride, bite your tongue, and submit to the wishes of management just to keep a roof over your head.  I don't know which is worse...a crappy job that beats you into a ball of depression or no job at all which plummets you into depression's depths.

Our friends had jobs for quite a while...until the company was bought by a bigger company and the owner felt threatened by two people so close to management.  So, both were fired although they were fully qualified to continue to help the new company benefit.  Tennessee is an "at will" state, which pretty much means you can be screwed at any moment without any provocation.

  Now, the husband's unemployment has run out, and the government, who has the power to extend those benefits to keep them clinging to a thread of hope, is engaged in a pissing contest over the Democratic versus Republican viewpoint.  Isn't this just more of an indication that the two-party system continues to fail us...divide us as a nation?

In a time when so many are homeless, hopeless, and bordering on suicide to escape the stress, how can over 6000 earmarks totaling over eight billion dollars get anywhere near a bill to be passed?  When I watch my friends belongings disappear through sales or repossession, I get fighting mad.  Do we really need a Nikita Khrushchev memorial hiking trail?  Do we need money allocated to a memorial for the biggest pork-barrel spender ever--John Murtha?  I'm sorry that he passed, but he should have retired years ago like all others reaching retirement age.  Congress has become a place where elected officials stay until they gasp their last breath because God-forbid they have to live the life without their white-collar benefits.

My friend had a wonderful idea.  There is so much reality TV happening these days...shows like "Wife Swap."  How about developing a show called, "Life Swap."  An elected official has to switch places with someone suffering at the moment because of the economy.  While the "sufferer" goes to Congress and engages in useless rhetoric, the Congress person or Senator has to come live in the "sufferer's" shoes, try to eak out an existence on unemployment benefits...not counting when the benefits cease to exist.  I wonder how large the viewing audience would be for that?

So, now that I've expressed my feelings, I'm going to continue to search for a way to help my friends.  I'm not a wealthy person or I would give them the moon.  I'm a senior citizen so my time on earth is limited in years, but I fear for my children and grandson who have already been living life under the thumb of a government who cares more about who's right and who's wrong over what is human and real.

I pray that everyone reading this can find the real reason for Christmas, as I've just reminded myself.  It's only one day, set aside to be thankful for the gift given us so long along by God.  Somewhere, someone came up with the saying "God will provide," but I think we eventually have to learn to take care of ourselves just like our children do.  We can't rely on God for, strength, yes, but we have to become responsible for our actions or lack thereof.  Grow up America, and take a little off the Lord's shoulders.  If we all turn a blind eye to what is happening outside our cozy little piece of the US, then something is wrong.

  Help someone else have a Happy Holiday.  I plan to, although I'm not quite sure how at the moment.  I wish you all God's blessings...because yes, I do believe.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU GINGER! I am right there with you. I am sick and tired of all the big spending in government while I sit here and figure out which credit card I'm going to max out or where I can get a loan to buy my child new clothes. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are people worse off than me but really, as Americans, are we supposed to live like this? I was born in the 59's and we were taught that if you work hard you can provide for your family and I did for 27 years and for what, to fight for 5 years for my benefits with no result so far. I am raing my granddaughter and I am in fear of the world I will be leaving her in. Wake up in Washington and God help us all!

Linda Gates

Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean I was born in the 50's

Molly Daniels said...

AMEN Ginger! My hubby has been one of the long term unemployed, due to his retina detaching last March and the eye not healing. Disability was denied, and it will be next summer before the hearing. His benefits ran out last week.

I've sent my resume all over town and am either over qualified or under qualified. Makes no sense. I need a job, and the three I have at the moment (Mom, author, and Head Volunteer at our local bookstore) either don't pay (Mom); don't pay a lot (author...won't get check until March); or otherwise (I refuse to take money from a store which has been open only three months and isn't even paying for itself yet!). I have cash register skills, yet because of my degree, I'm 'overqualified'? Give me a break!

I am so thankful they passed that bill last night (yeah, I'm with you on the earmark thing...) and now am wondering when my hubby's checks will arrive again....I have not been able to Christmas shop yet. Thank God for friends who have helped us out!

Karen McGrath said...

I agree Ginger. I have been through excrutiatingly hard times before. It's devastating. I'm praying for you and your friends.

I almost screamed a few weeks ago when someone criticized Sarah Palin for saying grocery prices have gone up this year and they "proved" by some NY Times article that she was "lying."

Either the author and/or editor has not been grocery shopping lately. Food prices are through the roof.

Maybe caviar and oysters haven't gone up, that must have been what they were basing their stats on...

Unknown said...

I haven't been through tough financial times. Both hubby and I are retired. I do fear for my children and grandchildren who have spent enormous amounts on a college degrees but can not find jobs. A son-in-law that has been with six different companies due to the 'downsizing' of each.
When will the government and the big-wig companies let honest workers have job security and regain their pride to support home and family again.
Are we slowly becoming a third world country?

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