Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Saddest Day of the me!

My favorite time of the year is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have always loved decorating, and I love listening to Christmas music. My first husband used to tease me that the tree was up the moment Halloween passed.  That wasn't quite accurate, but close to true.

I suppose I always strive to make the season last as long as possible.  Of course times have changed as have some people I thought loved me but obviously didn't/don't.  I generally take down all the decorations on the 26th because the forlorn tree makes me sad. 

As dear family members have died, I've been fortunate enough to find the spirit of the season sparkling in the eyes of my grandson, Spencer.  Unlike other children who unwrap clothing and roll their eyes, my baby finds delight in every gift he opens.  Even without prompting, he'll throw his arms around my neck...and Papa's, and thank us for whatever we've given him.  We can all take a lesson from him.  It's truly not the gift but the love and thought that went into it.  I have no idea where he got such wonderful manners, but he exemplifies what I wanted to see in my children but never quite achieved.  I know for a fact he didn't learn from his parents.  *lol*

To add to my joy this year, Tennessee got the white Christmas they haven't had since least anything that stayed on the ground and made the season truly special.  The fact that I was financially able (due to Papa working his butt off) to meet Spencer's gift list, made me even happier.  I think I know how Santa Claus feels.  Yes...I still believe.  As I watched Polar Express by myself at 2:00 Christmas morning, I know I will always be able to hear the ringing of the Christmas bell.  I think Papa will hear it, too.  When I first met him, he said he detested all holidays, Christmas especially because it had become so commercialized.  I've tried to create some new memories for him to replace those he didn't have as a child, and when he told me that this was his best Christmas ever...and not for the gifts, I wiped away a few tears of joy. But, it stands to reason  from my point of view, the sun would come out on the 26th and start melting away the special snowfall.

I give thanks to the Lord for keeping me in good health and letting me stay around to make a difference in my grandson's life.  I thank him for a husband who treats Spencer as his own, and for the excitement I feel in my heart as I look forward to next December. In the meantime, Happy New Year to all.  Now comes my countdown to Christmas 2011.

Now back to my usual routine of shameless promotion of my newest releases, with another coming on January 1.  Woo Hoo.  December will be here again before I know it.


Unknown said...

Ginger, my niece and nephews fill me up with joy during the holidays ;-)It's amazing how their smiles can change my entire day.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Ah, Ginger, I feel the same way. I wrote about it on my blog too,
But I leave my decorations and tree up until Jan. 6th. I just can't bear to take them down yet.

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