Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Paragraph Tuesday

Taking two paragraphs today from my upcoming February 7th release, Odessa.

Zach’s boots thudded on the walkway as he made his way back to the boarding house. His visit to the sheriff’s office had gone smoothly enough, so why wouldn’t his stomach stop churning? Now he could tell Odessa he’d done the proper thing by reporting the killings to the local law official. At least he hoped he’d done the
right thing. He glanced over his shoulder, searching for the structure the sheriff had mentioned, and his breath seized.

Moonlight highlighted the gallows’ wooden framework at street’s end. A knotted noose quivered in a light breeze. Frozen in place, he grasped his throat and swallowed hard. Had the man about to be hanged robbed a stage? Zach turned away and hastened his stride. A hot bath at the boarding house sounded like just what he needed to relax and ponder his next move.


Odessa is joining my other historical western romances offered at Eternal Press.  Launch day is February 7th and I'll be in the chat room at 1:00 CST if anyone would like to drop by and keep me company.  You can check out the chat features now and see how easy it is.  http://www.eternalpress.biz/chat.php 

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