Saturday, February 5, 2011

Murder is a Family Business

I've decided to give up my column in lieu of cutting back on my responsibilities. Through reviewing,  I intended to give more exposure to our industry, but the inception of ebook readers has done that already.  Therefore, I'm only going to review books I've read that I feel compelled to share.  I just finished Heather Haven's Murder is a Family Business and I was pleasantly surprised with the infusion of humor the author has added to this suspensful read. I never figured whodunnit until Liana shared the culprit's name with me.
You see, Liana Alvarez is part of a  private investigavtive business that deals mainly with computer software theft.  At thirty-four-years old, she and her fashionista mother don't always see eye-to-eye, but Mom's the boss and calls the shots.  Lee, as she's called, also doesn't share much in common with her nerdy computer-geek brother,, but they all work together in a family operation.   Uncle Tio and Tugger the kitty add even more of a family air to the story.

While Lee is staking out the husband of her mother's friend, she doesn't expect to get caught in a rainstorm, almost get struck by lightning, take a bath in San Francisco Bay or find the object of her surveillance dead.  The twists and turns the story takes will keep you turning pages, and the writing style will put you in the character's shoes.  Expect to giggle, as the verbal exchanges between the family members may strike a real and familar cord. 

This is the first book in the Alvarez Murder Mystery series.  I cannot wait until March for the second , A Wedding to Die For.  Ms. Haven has found a  new fan.

To get your copy, visit Muse It Up Publishing.


Heather Haven said...

Wow! Thanks so much. Some days you just don't know if you should pack it all in and become a florist. I mean, there's a curmudgeon that lives deep within me that pops out once in a while to reek a little havoc. Thanks so much for shoving that curmudgeon back where he belongs. Also, this is soooo generous of spirit, Ginger, really, truly. Who loves ya, baby? (hint, hint: west coast, stunning blond, writer buddy). By the way, my wonderful Sony ereader died the other day. Started the whole downward spiral. Thanks for turning it around.

Cheryl said...


I wanted to pop in and let your readers know that Heather is on a virtual book tour to talk about this book in greater depth.

They can follow her along the tour trail at



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