Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We View Reviews Wednesday

 Yes, it's We View Review Wednesday again, and I have more snippets to tease you.  In case you're a first time visitor, I'm hoping to make this a weekly occurrence because it serves two purposes:  Readers can find new authors and authors can find new review sites.  So, without further ado...

Diane Wylie

This is where the adventure really begins. Lila's Vow is a fantastic ride through history and a love that would not surrender to the devastation of the most terrible war America has ever knownMs. Wylie captured the Civil War in vivid detail and I believe I learned some things I did not know before I read this book.  Ms. Wylie created a story of great joy and absolute sorrow.  I could not put this book down.  At times the sorrowful events ripped at my heart and, at others, it soared with the ability of the characters to overcome impossible circumstances.  The characters were flawed and beautiful in their strength of purpose and pure grit. Ms. Wilie made me believe in them as if they were breathing people with all the defects and wonderful spirit of humanity. Lila's Vow is an unforgettable story.  I look forward to reading about Jack’s friend, David, in her upcoming book, Jenny’s Passion. Bravo Ms Wilie, Lila's Vow is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.    

You can read the whole review at Talking TwoLips. 

 Vijaya Schartz

Vijaya Schartz tells a story with plot twists too numerous to list in a short review.  She takes the reader to alternate Earths.  One is an ecological disaster.  The other is a paradise except for a deadly volcano and repressed people. Zania and Svend fight for their lives against other warriors, spurned lovers and a volcano in order to be together.  Can Zania and Svend find happiness when their world is coming apart around them?

Read the whole review at Sensual Reads.

 Anne Patrick

Brenda Talley @ The Romance Studio gave Sabotage 5 Hearts!  “This was a very suspenseful inspirational romance. I believe it's my first by this author. Ms. Anne Patrick succeeded in changing my mind about the genre. I usually would not read one at all. This definitely changed the way I feel. I had trouble finding stopping places while reading this book. It was an emotionally charged, dynamic book that exposed the main characters' innermost feelings… I can guarantee you will look for other books by this author -- I know I will.” 

Read the entire review at The Romance Studio.

J.E. Cammon 

What I like most is that this is not a book written for teenage girls, there are no sexy vampires seducing underage females in dark creepy `romantic' rooms. There is the 'Soul Eater' Vampire who thrives on proximity to death, not sinking teeth into fleshy throats; the easy going Lycanthrope that rides his wave of rage like a drug, to the brink of loosing himself in it; the awkward grad student of the occult who accidentally awakens things that should most likely be left asleep, and finally the 'Hunters', who judge others not for their actions, good or bad, but for what they are on the surface.

It's different. It's good. Quick read. Five stars.
Jon Nooner, a Scenic Designer in the Atlanta Theater Community posted the entire review on

 L.K. Below

"a charming, romantic Irish tale...I cannot wait to see what else this author has to offer." 

This is but a snippet of the entire review which you can find at Got Erotic Romance.

Authors and readers, this feature will continue on Wednesdays as long as authors continue to submit snippets and reviews.  Hope you're enjoying it.

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