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Welclome D.M. Slate

Hello!  My name is Danyelle and I write under the name of D.M. Slate.  I’m 29 years old, have two beautiful children, and am married to my high school sweet-heart.  We live in Colorado and enjoy all types of outdoor activities. 
I’d like to start off by thanking Ginger for giving me the opportunity to drop in and say, “Hi” to all of her fabulous readers ~ I’m super excited to be here!
I’m often asked what inspires my writing, and for me it’s always something based on a real situation or instance.  For example, in my first sci-fi horror novella, Day 94, the story was based upon a disease epidemic, and I started writing it when the outbreak of swine flu was first starting to hit.  I simply imagined what my family and I would be doing if we were quarantined to our home, and then the rest just took on a life of its own. 
How far would you go to protect you children in the face of disaster? 
How many rules would you break doing it? 
Would you risk your life in order to save theirs?
This is the scenario that Joslin and Grant find themselves in when a meteor smashes into earth just outside their city limits, unleashing an air born disease pandemic that threatens to infect everyone, everywhere.  When they find themselves stranded in the frigid Colorado winter without food, electricity or running water, the family faces the biggest obstacle they’ve ever encountered: survival…
Here’s a quick excerpt from the story:
I sit awake in the solitude of my basement, next to the wavering light of our last candle. The windows have been boarded tightly shut, blocking any trace of light. The small fire is our only source of heat. My children are asleep several feet away; it’s comforting knowing they’re safe, for now. In the silence of the night it’s easy to reminisce about the life we lived, not-so-long ago.

Things changed so rapidly. It feels like an eternity that we’ve been barricaded inside our house. I close my eyes to welcome sleep, but visions of the past three months play in my head like a marathon of madness. I open my eyes and glance down at the journal in my lap. To me it means the world; it’s our story of survival. The notebook’s open, and I stare down at the blank page. The only writing is the heading at the top – Day 94. My heart aches as I wonder how many more entries I’ll be able to make.

Come check out Day 94 and my other stories on my website:

Note from Ginger:  I read this book and really enjoyed it.

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