Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Friday

Where else can you feel so at home?
We have a little over a week left here in Alaska.  I'm dreading the stack of mail and coating of dust that await me back in Tennessee after over a month away.  This has been a wonderful vacation and time to refocus and I hate to see it come to an end.   The picture shows Kelly and I sipping our coffee and enjoying our beautiful surroundings.  If you look closely, you'll see bears in the background...okay, so they're on the window sill, but bears, nonetheless.  *lol*

Last night, I went with Debbie, a new friend introduced by Ann, to Anchorage to be a guest at her writer's group.  Although small, the setting was perfect...five authors at various stages of their careers who had a keen interest in hearing what I had to share.  Debbie, I fear, heard little, since she was caught up in the excitement over the birth of her new and first grandchild.  I shared her joy, recalling how I felt when Spencer arrived in August of 2002.  My, how time flies.  I wish health, happiness and lots of grandma time to Debbie and her new, Caleb.

Thanks to the ladies of the writer's group for making me feel welcome and like a true celebrity.  I meant what I have my email addy, so if you have questions or if I can help, contact me.  I see some stars in the making.

Okay...back to my remaining time here.  Tomorrow, we are taking another cruise, this one out of Whittier, which I understand has quite a history after the earthquake years ago.  The only part I'm dreading is the 2 1/2 mile one-way tunnel we have to drive through to get to the departure point.  Me and my claustrophobia don't like confined spaces.  I'm sure I'll survive.  ;)  I plan to take lots more pictures to share of the wildlife here in Alaska along with the splendor and beauty.  If Ann has her way, we'll be residents of the state.  Mike...he just isn't sure if we're ever going home.  He'd probably like to have his home back.  *lol*  You will will.  Just one more week and we'll be out of your your scalp.  *wink*

Won't be long till my blogs are back to focusing on the business of writing and reading.  I miss my friends, but I've enjoyed the respite from pressure and stress.  But, we all have to go back to the real world eventually, and mine is in Tennessee.

No blog tomorrow, but I'll share the pics I take.  Maybe I'll get one of a polar bear.  Right!

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Anita Davison said...

Never mind the window-sill bears, love the little terrier beneath the table - have a lovely holiday Ginger and Kelly, you both deserve it.

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