Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Second Alaskan Cruise

Our first cuise through the Kenai Fjords was such fun, Ann decided we needed to check out the Glacier Cruise out of Whittier, AK.  We had another wonderful jaunt...great lunch, beautify scenery and good company.  Ann has made this a wonderful vacation and life-changing experience.  I don't know how we can ever thank her and Mike for putting us up for almost a month and a half now, and they still like us.  *lol*

Here are some of the pictures I promised to share.  Ann takes the best one.  :)  Enjoy the beauty of Alaska.

Whitter, AK...where we departed.

Standing in line (Me, Kelly and Ann) waiting for the boat.

Me and Kelly in front of the cruise "boat".  What you can't see the is cruise "ship" behind it.

Some little friends we met along the way.  Aren't they the cutest?

Headed for the glaciers.  Isn't the scenery breathtaking?

Headed for dangerous ice.  Are you scared yet?

Some more new friends, hanging out on the ice.

Two dangerous creatures up and close and personal with a glacier.  Did you know that Ice Fields are stationary and glaciers are moving?  I didn't until the tour.

I have lots more pictures to share.  Ann is a photo nut and I've never been so photographed in my life.  :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures....Can't wait to see the rest. So happy you and Kelly had a great time! :))

Roseanne Dowell said...

Ginger, you look great, rested and relaxed. Terrific pictures. Miss you.

Rhobin said...

Looks like you enjoyed the cruise. Great trip!

Heather Haven said...

Absolutely wonderful to see you back in the fold again, even if it is from Alaska! Glad you've had a great time and made new fn't riends. Equally glad your books are selling like hotcakes! But come on, you're a fine writer, so why shouldn't they? Blogger probably won't work, so this is Heather.

Pat McDermott said...

Can't get enough of those Alaska pix, Ginger. The coats look strange to me now that we're hitting high 90s here in New Hampshire, but we had ours on when we visited Alaska last month too. Glad you enjoyed your visit!

Megan Johns said...

Fantastic pictures! Looks like you had a great time

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