Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Like Saying Goodbye to Family...

As much as I've poked fun at soap operas, I've always openly admitted that I'm addicted to a few of them.  Today is the last episode of my very favorite, All My Children.  I've grown up watching the characters on that show as they've married, divorced, died, been reincarnated or brought back for more $$$.  It's hard to realize that you can become so fond of people on television but I'll truly miss Erika, Tad, Jackson, David, Bianca, Kendall, and all the others who made up the cast.  They've entertained and amazed me for more years than I can count.  I watched the very first episode in 1970 and I'll watch the last one today.  How sad to see them go.

I'm comforted by the way the actors remained human.  I watched Tad age, gain weight, and still maintain his "Tad the Cad" attitude.  His love for Dixie touched me deeply, and it was an amazing idea to have her come back to life for the finale.

  I've watched Erika...eternally young and sexy Erika, age despite her efforts to control wrinkles and sagging skin.  Even as thin as she is, gravity still gave her sagging upper arms and a neck that looks like crepe paper, only stretched over bones.  She has the weirdest looking neck I've ever seen.  It took her thirty years to win an Emmy but she finally got that honor and accepted it with class that only Erika Kane could possess.  I wonder how Susan Lucci feels about losing the persona she's played for so long.

There were some very real moments in the show--times I as a viewer could identify with and celebrate or suffer. I cried when the actors who played favorite characters passed away in real life--Myrtle Fargate, Palmer Cortland... or left because their characters were killed off.  It's been a rocky ride for over 30 years, and I'm proud to have been part of the viewing audience.  I bid All My Children adieu, and thank you for many years of viewing pleasure.  You will be missed.  I don't know how I'm going to fill that hour on my DVR.  The Chew doesn't really look like a very interesting replacement...especially for those like me who hate to cook.


Roseanne Dowell said...

I was addicted to General Hospital in the early years of my marriage, but that was the only one. Cheer up, you still have your facebook games.

J Q Rose said...

Hopefully you won't be too sad after I tell you that AMC will still be soaping up, but on the Internet at Feel better? Hope so. I loved watching The Guiding Light and the Edge of Night..always watched it after school sitting on the couch with my mom.

Latesha said...

It's a shame that they take off the few things that allow us a little escape from the real world. I remember watching the soaps while sitting next to my grandmother and great-gramother as a child. As an adult, it was rare for me to watch them, but you always knew when you turned them on, you could easily pick up the storyline. Thanks for sharing your memories of All My Children. It was one of my favorites.

Steve Finnell said...

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Ginger Simpson said...

If I follow your blog are you going to be showing clips from AMC? :)

Ginger Simpson said...

It just won't be the same, watching on the computer screen. I loved it on my big screen TV. :) I guess we can't pick and choose. I'm glad it isn't going away for real since it ended with a pretty good cliff hanger. Now I have to go see who got shot. Can't wait for Monday.

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