Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life's Trials and Tribulations

My good intent keeps being undermined by health issues.  Not serious ones, mind you, just annoying ones that put me in the hospital for a few days.  I always keep in mind how fortunate I am that I've so far (and hopefully forever) have been spared from anything terminal.  I'm seeing a surgeon tomorrow that I hope will alleviate the problem so I can get back to being an author and blogger.

In the meantime, while my muse has been recuperating, I've had a lot of time to spend on FB and watching TV.  I don't know which is more frustrating.  I wish people playing games would ignore the need to "share" their information on my page.  I tried to find a way to stop it, as well as the announcement that "Ginger Simpson is playing Farkle."  Why not just a flashing banner that tells the world that I'm wasting time?  Does everyone need to know a person's every move?  FB has become like Big Brother.  Now they've taken the liberty to decide what is interesting to me by placing a "blue corner" on the post.  When did I become so brain dead that I can't decide that for myself?  Honestly, stop with the daily changes.  Our lives are challenging enough without constantly trying to figure out how to maneuver FB.

Television, especially the news is off limits.  Too depressing.  After listening to a blow-by-blow description of the economy, failing businesses and rising unemployment, I had to swallow hard to accept the news that the USA has been baling out Palestine to the tune of millions.  What sense does it make?  If we can't support our own tax-paying citizens, why are we shelling out money to others?  The more you give Palestine, the more they want, and when did we become their caretakers?  I might be stupid but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that we would support a group of people who shelter the Hamas and their terrorist ways while turning our back on Israel, our oldest, strongest, and most dependable ally.  Did I mention Hamas, another Muslim terrorist group?  Why would our president support them?  Hmmmm!  I imagine I'd be even more shocked if I saw the past years budget of where money has drifted abroad to help other nations.  Wonder how many Muslim Mosques we've built.  Where does this madness end?

Okay...I got off on a political rant.  I'm sorry about that, but given the situation and news today, it's hard not to want to scream.  I'm not looking at party lines...I'm looking at candidates before I make my choice.

Back to blogging as an author.  I just finished edits on "Just the Right Fit," an upcoming short story from Muse Publishing.  I'm waiting for the cover art before I do any promoting, but I think this one will be of interest to those who like older heroines.  Actually, it's written based on something a good friend shared with me about her own personal life.  Before you panic, she is okay with me passing along her story.  :)

Tune in tomorrow and I promise to be more professional.  :)  Right!


Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh, Ginger, my sentiments exactly on all aspects, FB and political. I knew we were related. Get better soon, I miss you.

Carol Langstroth said...

I understand "heath problems" as I am shutting down Mind Fog until I get better. I will continue to yours if you want.

Ginger Simpson said...

I hope you feel better soon. It's no fun feeling crummy.

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