Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Happened?

This was supposed to be my western-themed time of the month, and I did receive a few great posts to share with Annette's from a few days back.  Unfortunately, I made a little trip to the ER which resulted in a five day hospital stay, and then the house we made an offer on closed within a mere two week period, and we moved.  When you aren't around to remind folks of their blogging appointment and to post to FB and Twitter, things sort of fall apart.  I apologize, but do hope you'll stay tuned for those folks who did submit something from the "old west."

Today is the anniversary of a very tragic time in US history.  Like all other atrocities, rather than relive them, today I chose to say a small prayer for those seeking comfort of the bad memories and ask that I be used as an instrument to continue to do good things in a world so divided.  If you are one who is mourning a loss today, I send you a virtual hug, but life is for the living, so let's celebrate the moment.  :)

Living is what Odessa wanted to continue to do in her story.  When her father dies beneath the crushing weight of their over-turned wagon, her determination drives her to find a way out of the desert and back to civilization.  Sometimes, even when you set your mind to something, it doesn't always work and a little divine intervention works wonders.

Enter Zach Johnson, a would-be outlaw, who is wrestling with his conscience.  I could give away the story when hero and heroine travel together, but you'll have to read to find out what happens when Zach meets up with the leader of a gang determined to lighten the load of a wage-bearing stagecoach and a trusted companion who helps him find Odessa when she is carted away by grudge-bearing gunslinger.  Things aren't always as they seem.

Thanks for continuing to come back to Dishin' It Out, and now that I'm in and settled once again, perhaps I can get back to the pleasure of writing and blogging.  In the meantime I'm waiting for the bills to start pouring in from the tag-team of doctors who visited me in the hospital.  Thank God for health insurance and please...keep Obamacare from my doorstep.  Oops...that was political, wasn't it.  Sorry. :)

Oh, next Sunday, I'll be back to Six Sentence Sunday which I've missed because I get to share such great tidbits from others.  I almost forgot to add that Odessa is offered by Eternal Press and on and Barnes & plus a myriad of other places on the Web.

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