Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun on the Square

Saturday was a beautiful day in Sparta, TN.  The annual "Fun on the Square" celebration was well-attended, and my son's MIL invited me to join her in her craft both.  She had set up a little space for me to "hawk" my copies of western historical Sparta Rose.  I didn't expect to sell anything because it really wasn't the venue for books, but I was surprised when I autographed and sold five copies. I'm still amazed when people want my signature.  Feeling like a celebrity, if only for the moment, is a great feeling.  I'm pretty sure the title drew interest, but I consider that five more people will sample my work and hopefully use the additional promo items I gave them to check out my website and blog.  Anyone who missed the fair can still get copies through the publisher or Amazon.

I took a few pictures to share.  My DIL made greeting cards of all sorts to sell, and her mom made endless crafts.  Both are very talented if you're looking for greeting cards or great Christmas gifts, I can point you in the right direction.  The cards are blank inside so you can write your own greeting, and I only wish I knew someone having a baby because Jean does awesome gifts for youngsters.  Spencer has one grandmother who has showered him with lots of homemade presents...I on the other hand, can only buy him things, but when he's older, I'll write him a book.  *lol*

One of the best parts of the day was being interviewed and photographed by a Sparta Journalist who invited me to join their Facebook group and attend a miner's reunion next year to present more about my Sparta Historical Romance.  Sparta is rich in history of coal mines, stages lines, and Indian ancestry.  In fact, one of the historical sites, "The Rock House," a stage stop resplendent with memories of many famous people of the past, has been restored and available for visits.  I miss living there and it was nice to return for the day.

Here's the few photos I took:

Hubby modeling Jean's "shirt saver."  Bibs for adults that look like shirt fronts.  He needs one...or several.
DIL Carrie setting up her cards among other crafts.
My little corner of the world.  I was showered with leaves day. Fall was definitely in the air. I later turned the table the other direction and faced the crowd.  

Folks enjoying the day.  It got three times more crowded in the PM.


Maryann Miller said...

I love going to fairs either just to wander or to set up to sell my books. Either way, it is fun to hobnob with the artists and visitors. I always have a good time and come home feeling invigerated.

Chula said...

I am so blessed to have a lifetime friend like you who is a celebrity! The pictures are great and so happy to hear you sold copies of your book. Hey everyone out there....Buy Ginger's books! She is a a great novelist! Her books are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like shopping outside with fall leaves falling. I always have fun seeing all the crafts displayed. Buying a book directly from the author just screams autograph...I am sure you the author... and ... your hubby the model ...was a big hit. You said it...holding my breath till you share with the world the book you are going to write for Spencer! :))

Joan Hall Hovey said...

Glad the day was so lovely and also successful for you. Looks like a fun time. And anyone who bought your books is in for a great read!

All the best, Ginger.


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