Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Blog Hop Thursday

Thursday, 27th Oct: 
QUESTION: Being a writer means that you are also an entrepreneur: have you set business/financial goals for this year and how are you going to achieve them?  Question provided by author: Clayton Bye

Strangely, I don't consider myself an entrepreneur...never have.  I started creating stories because writing is something I've always enjoyed.  I suppose I consider it more a hobby than anything else.  Like other favorite pastimes, being an author costs money, so I've viewed my expenditures a normal part of life.  If I skied, I would have to buy lift passes and equipment, instead, I purchase items to help promote myself such as pens, bookmarks and pocket/purse calendars.  I enjoy giving them to perfect strangers.  I'm much safer at my desk than plummeting down a snowy hillside on two thin pieces of me.  :)

The time spent networking is how I've garnered relationships that have filled the void left by real flesh and blood friends when I moved from California.  I enjoy blogging, chatting, and emailing, so to me, it's not a job, but a pleasure.

I don't set goals because I've learned from past experience that failing to meet them causes defeat.  I do what I do, and if my efforts result in a sale, the money doesn't mean nearly as much as the fact that someone thought enough of my work to buy it.  I don't see writing as a means to wealth, except if I measure those I've met and treasure.  I'm going to write until they pry my dead fingers from this keyboard.  Let's all hope that's not anytime soon.  *smile*


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Anonymous said...

It's funny, but I never used to either yet now I find it motivates me to write more. But it's not for the money, or fame etc, it's because, like you, I just love to do it. And I agree it is much safer than 'plummeting down a snowy hillside' lol heaven forbid I do near one in the first place!

Really enjoyed your post. Here is my #BlogHop4Writersanswer!

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