Saturday, November 26, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Does anyone but me feel like our Sundays are getting closer together?  Anyhow, welcome, or welcome back, as the case may be. Last week, I added a second blog to the roster and I guess I did something wrong as neither were linked. Trying again, today, I'm sharing another six sentences from Embezzled Love, my December release coming from Books We Love.  The last two weeks, I shared an argument between Cassie and Evan, so I'm switching gears.

As tired as she felt, the thought of being in his arms and letting go of the day’s stress did sound inviting. His angular chin, the twinkle in his eyes, the bulge already evident in his jeans…everything about him heightened her craving.
Despite their rollercoaster relationship, the man had changed her life for the better. She’d even stopped taking her anti-depressants and no longer suffered from the horrible black thoughts that once haunted her. She went willingly to him, her heart overflowing with joy that someone loved, desired, and wanted to share a life with her.
After holding her right for a few minutes, Evan pulled back and gazed into her eyes. 

Now, head back on over to Six Sentence Sunday's site and follow some of the other links there to find additional engaging sixes.  Yes...I think mine's engaging.  :) 

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