Saturday, November 19, 2011

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A Blog on Shakespeared:or Wally and the Fairy Queen

Its always shaky when you’re dealing with a classic like Shakespeare- but the spirit of the Bard can help as well, giving license to a joyful tale that can be—well a little whacky- and still touching at the same time. That’s this one…

Some stories are hard work to write.

Some stories need to be built from the plot elements and beats and carefully constructed, contrived and calculated to hit specific highs and lows to manipulate the reader and make him/her jump through hoops.

Shakespeared was one of those stories.

This book wrote itself, or more properly once I knew who Wally Chambers, the main character, was. 

We’ve all known Wally, an ernest, hard working nice guy whose just never gotten ‘the break.’ He gets as Bottom opposite his dream girl, Audrey Flax as Titania. He just can’t find a way to let know how he really feels for fear of being seen as one of the legion of men who lust after her.

Then, of course when the real Puck end up in the Production of Midsummer Night’s Dream things get weird.

Like I said, this one wrote itself.

I often found myself smiling or laughing ore even a bit choked up when a scene had I hadn’t planned suddenly happened.

I hope the readers have the same reaction… and fall in love with my lovers like I did.

Works by Teel James Glenn:  The Dr. Shadows Series, The Skullmask Series, The Maxi/Moxie series from The Devil Wore Greasepaint,The Escape Artist, The Exceptionals Series & the Dr. Argent series from, Of Swords and Sorcery, Hymn to the Battlecrow, The Secret of Wolf Island, Love Gods & Labyrinths from, The Horsed Thief, The Traveler's Tale & Wake of the Red Mistress, Shakespeared from Eternal Press.

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