Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Kiss

First Kiss

Friday was always film day in the fifth grade.  I had the biggest crush on Mickey Cully.  To me, he was one of the two cutest boys in school, and he'd actually been letting me wear his baseball cap all week, which was a sure sign that he liked me back.  During recess, my teacher, Mr. Cook pulled me aside and asked if I'd close the room darkening curtains in preparation for the movie.  To do so, one had to walk behind the plastic draperies and tug them together with a thick cord.  I had some unexpected help.  Mickey had followed me behind the curtains, and when I turned to express my surprise, he very abruptly, and without any ceremony, pressed his lips to mine, in my very first boy/girl kiss.

We all read about tummy butterflies in romance novels, but I'm here to tell you that this one innocent kiss set a whole passel loose in my stomach.  The kiss didn't last very long, and it certainly wasn't one worthy of a novel, but at that time in my life, I was floating on a cloud.  Mickey Cully had kissed me, and for the moment, I didn't even care about the rumor floating around that he ate dog food sandwiches for lunch.

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Susan KL said...

What a charming "first kiss!" Thanks for sharing. It brightened my day.

diannehartsock said...

What a sweet memory! My first kiss wasn't so pleasant from a guy I'd just met and didn't want to kiss in the first place. My second 'first kiss' was so much better!

Catherine Lee said...

How cute! Except the part about dog food sandwiches...I hope that wasn't true!

The first kiss I remember was around the same time frame, 4th or 5th grade, with Eddie Madden. I was a latchkey kid. I wore my key around my neck on a purple shoelace. He grabbed it, pulled me towards him, and kissed me in my hallway. I don't remember any butterflies!

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Meg said...

LOL! dog food sandwiches - and how sweet of a first kiss.

Anonymous said...

My first kiss was in high school, I think. Don't remember any earlier than that, but that was a long time ago. It was at a friends birthday party during a game of spin the bottle. Couldn't tell you who it was. I just remember thinking "big deal."

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

Renald said...

My husband had to teach me how to kiss when we were first dating, what fun.

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Ginger that's adorable! I remember my first kiss with a boy - it was in kindergarten with my crush (yes, at 5 years old I was already a romantic). I came up with this big scheme and convinced all my friends to play "wedding". I volunteered to be the bride and very bravely picked him (I can't remember his name now) to play the groom. He blushed every shade of red but agreed to play along - the only boy in a group of girls. Of course, the kiss came after my best friend said "You may now kiss the bride!" - So I guess you could say my first kiss was at my first wedding! LOL

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