Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hooray for the KDP Program

I'm so excited to be part of Books We Love and even more so that they were willing to "experiment" with the Kindle Direct Program.  I've realizing better sales on two books there than I've seen on all my books combined before.  It's nice to finally realize a profit, even though I've always told myself that I never got into this business for the money.  Until now, it was a viable justification since I never saw money enough to cover my promotional expenses.

I don't know what magic goes on behind the scenes that prompts so many to buy a book that is given away free in days preceding the "spotlight time," but I'm not questioning what works.  In case you didn't grab your own free copy of First Degree Innocence or Embezzled Love, I've happy to tell you that they'll be up for grabs again in the coming month.  In the meantime, today I'm blogging at Ravencraft's Romance Realm where you can leave a comment and perhaps win your own PDF. 

If reviews are your cup of tea, then Reagan Black is also featuring moi today as I talk about the subjectivity of those oft-sought written opinions.  I'm not offering a prize, but you never know...I just might surprise someone who comments here and leaves on there, too.  :)  I'm full of it.  Surprises, that is!!!

Let me tell you....when you see an unsolicited email like this appear on the loop... "Hi--just started Embezzled Love and wanted to say anyone who isn't just grabbed in the first few pages must be a corpse.

I love the older heroine!"

That's better than any review I could ever hope for.  Picture me smiling. 

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Courtney Vail said...

Congrats on your increase in book sales! What places on the web did you announce your book was free?

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