Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I need a Xanax. How about you?

There aren't enough hours in the day anymore, and the ones that are there speed past like a rocket ship on its way to orbit.  I used to consider myself organized, but now the best I can say is that I manage to complete most of my tasks each day.  I'd like to blame the fact that my husband has retired and his mere presence is an interruption, but that would be lie.  I can't place fault on him when I start to do one thing and end up doing ten others, all in bits and pieces because I can't stay focused.  What I wouldn't give if I could eliminate some of the needless crappola we all face.  Email is a great place to start.

We had house guests this weekend, so we were off showing them the sights and trying to be entertaining.  Despite my previous attempt to cut back my workload by going "special notice" on 75% of my yahoo loops, I still came back to over one thousand emails. Do any of these messages look familiar?



Happy Birthday, (Place name here)!

roflmao (place graphic here)

Me too.


You bet!

Then, add in those signatures lines that show every friggin' book written by the sender and every url where you can find them... arghhhhhhh!!!!!!  Does anyone even read those?

If I try and follow the subject lines to put together the mystery source of the laughter, what was done, the you bet, or the thanks, chances are I won't even come close. People....and yes, I'm including myself, we've all become lazy, and we're creating more work for ourselves by not avoiding the need to respond to every email we receive.

 Seriously, do we need to tell someone we're laughing our ass off?  Can't it be assumed we'll be amused if someone said something really funny? And if we need to wish a friend a Happy Birthday or thank them, can't we do it in a private email so we don't litter the loops with non-inclusive messages?

I'm honestly trying to mend my slovenly ways by avoiding those one, two or three word responses that I hope my friends will take for granted.  If you ask for help, assume I'll give it.  If you share a joke, know I'll at least crack a smile, and if it's your birthday, I'm going to try to remember to send you a personal/private email.  Togetherness is great in some cases, but email seems to take it to an extreme.

 Since we can't cut down on gas prices, let's cut back on our verbiage.  *lol*  Save a letter or two on your keyboard...preserve your manicure...and stop causing your friends to gnash their teeth when you send out the same stale stuff day after day.  It's said that when you point a finger at one person, three point back at you.  I haven't forgotten that in drafting this message.  My name is Ginger Simpson and I'm guilty, too.


Diane Scott Lewis said...

Well, I laughed my ass off at the T Shirt pic on your page,so had to let you know. And now I've spent several of my precious seconds reading your post, oh no!
But seriously, I enjoyed the post and always your sense of humor. I agree, there is never enough time.
Now I have to go look for a Xanax in my terribly unorganized life.

Lorrie said...

I already take Xanax, it doesn't help. I don't get as many emails or loops as you do Ginger, but enough to make me a little loco. I admit I have to delete many after a quick run through. It's not that our lives are unorganized, the problem is, we should have a life other than the computer. At times it seems we can't have both. I'm trying to get my priorites straight, alas, I have too many of them. Take it day by day and do what you have to to stay sane.

Margaret West said...

LOL...ha ha ha....oops sorry...but I am off loop :-)
I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a woman who receives over 1500 a day, I really get tired of seeing one liners and the HUGE siggy lines. NO, I don't read them!!!!
Great post, but you always make me smile anyway ginger.

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