Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm very busy doing research . . . a rare time I'm not reading a novel.  For this reason I'm relying on sharing a book (this time a series) that has long been a favorite read of mine.  If you haven't read them . . . you won't regret it.
This exciting trilogy of original novels features the ancestors of the Holts. Brothers Clay and Jefferson Holt are forced into a blood feud with a murderous clan in the Ohio Valley. To end it, they strike out for a new start in an untamed territory of danger and breathtaking wonder--and to found the dynasty that will become a legend.

Once there was a wilderness so vast, no white man had ever crossed it.  Then Lewis and Clark became the pathfinders for a nation, opening up a land of limitless possibilities that called with a siren's song to brave men looking for a dream . . . the first Holts.  In the heart of this majestic land, Clay Holt and his Sioux Wife, Shining Moon, lead a perilous expedition up the Yellowstone River.  While Clay and his band confront fierce storms and the plots of adversaries, brother Jeff Holt heads back East on a treacherous quest; impetuous young cousin Ned takes to the high seas; and in the East, Melissa Merrivale Holt struggles against the unscrupulous businessman to means to have her.  With the bravery and fighting spirit, the intrepid Holts battle on . . . to shape the destiny of a nation and to build and American dynasty.

 This book is third in the Frontier Series of the Holts by Dana Fuller Ross. Westward being the first and Expedition the second. I would recommend reading these first before reading this one. It is staged in 1809 after the Lewis/Clark expediation of which Clay was a member and falls for the new frontier. Jeff Holt finally rids himself of his nasty father in law. The only thing is that the author is a little brutal with the Garwood clan. The actual author is James Reasoner using the Pen name from the famous Wagons West series.


Ginger Simpson said...

I happen to be mid-way through your book, Ransom Love, and it's wonderful. I read one of your very first books years ago, and somehow forgot how much I love your style. Now, I'm knee deep in Rita Karnopp books...this being my fifth and a few more to go. Keep writing...I'm about to catch up. :)

Rita Karnopp said...

Ginger ... that is the sweetest and nicest compliment I've ever been paid. Thank you, dear friend. I write because I love to write . . . but to have comments like yours just makes the work and dedication a blessing. I've stepped out on a limb right now and am working on my Tango of Death series; GYPSY SPIRIT, PARTISAN HEART and JEWISH SOUL . . . books I've been wanting to write for over five years. Books We Love wants them . . . and I'm so excited. I'm on page 7 of GYPSY SPIRIT . . . and I'm sooo excited!! Thank you for reading my books! Love you, Ging!

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