Saturday, May 5, 2012


Okay . . . this is serious stuff! I’ve never … never….never had a computer virus. Have you? Well . . . I should say … until last night!
     Yep . . . I was working along … suddenly . . . out of nowhere my computer pops up a large screen saying, “Your computer is at risk. You have a Virus and you must delete it or your computer will cease to work.”
     SAY WHAT?? “Scan your computer here . . . and locate/search for viruses.” Well of course I did. THEN . . . ”Download this program to REMOVE the viruses found. Ah – ha . . . for $99.90 I can be virus free.
     OH NO - - I AM NOT THAT STUPID! Believe me . . . I was literally scared. It locked up my computer tighter than a virgin in a convent. Sooooo I called around to my ‘friends’ with the desperate shout of HELP!!! First my son-in-law and then a friend, Murph, walked me through some steps . . . but each one was replaced by a firm shut-down and replaced by the Windows Daily Advisor screen.
     Murph suggested I ‘right click’ and see if it would let me ‘close’ . . . and periodically I could. The thing is this virus refused to let me onto the Internet! Yep, no possible way did it want me to access anything but them. It un-protected my computer, disabling my Microsoft Essentials protection program also!

      With patience (big word for me) I continued my ‘right click – close’ … shut-down, etc. until I was able to plug into internet… researched “how to remove Windows Daily Advisor” and it told me about Spyhunter. I took time to research this program and seeing it was endorsed by
I decided it was safe to download the scan. Which I did . . . then it asked if I wanted to purchase the ‘removal program’ for $40. WELL … since it found 12 instances of viruses, duh… yes…I needed to purchase this program.
      I considered my options . . . $40 for Spyhunter . . . or $300 or more for a professional to come to my house or me take it to them to ‘clean’ my computer. There was also that possibility that Spyhunter couldn’t remove the virus and the $$ was a loss. I took the chance. One hour later… finally my computer was free. It then suggested I turn on my Microsoft Essentials program. I did… and it turned ‘green’…. WOW … my computer is virus free!
     This was a heralding experience. One I don’t care to ever repeat. That is why I decided to share it with you. I’m not promoting this product…but I will share it with you, since it worked for me. There are other products out there that do remove viruses . . . thank God this one worked and I’m now a virus free woman!


SpyHunter 4 ~ Adaptive Spyware Detection and Removal Tool Delivers ongoing protection against the latest malware, trojans, rootkits and malicious software.
• FREE support and daily definition updates to address current malware trends.
• Spyware HelpDesk generates FREE custom malware fixes specific to your PC.
• SpyHunter is a quite simple, but yet highly effective spyware remover with an easy-to-use interface. This program is an excellent choice for users, who are not computer savvy, but it’s also recommended for experienced users with a need for light on-demand scanner. The latest SpyHunter 4 version provides reliable protection against regular spyware and adware parasites, browser hijackers and similar threats.


Savannah Chase said...

Viruses are the worst...I've had a few due to getting them from friends or family surfing and not being careful. I am now super careful and have a few programs to protect me. I've never heard of the program you mentioned. Will have to check it out..Thank you..

Blog Berbagi said...

Thanks for your information

Antivirus Protection said...

My computer is infected with the virus for many times but i regularly update my Antivirus and scan the whole computer.

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