Friday, June 15, 2012

Fact or Fiction?

Why is it that TV programs and movies that follow scripts written by "authors" can present scenes that are totally unbelievable, and those watching don't take issue?  I mean, let's talk about soap operas.  Doesn't anyone ever wake up with bad breath?  Evidently not so much that the smell keeps the two sharing a bed from rolling over and falling into a deep, passionate kiss.  My reaction is always, "yuk!"  When I wake up, no one's kissing me until we both brush our teeth unless it's a quick peck.

And why don't the women think about feminine hygiene?  I just watched a scene in General Hospital where the 'heroine' spent the day in an apartment in which the air conditioning wasn't working.  Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, her hair is wilted and she looks miserable. The first thing her 'hero' says when he comes in..."Why is it so hot in here?"  So...he's been working all day, she's been sweating all day, and although I don't want to get gross, I'm forced to ask the question... how can they fall into bed and make love when you know something else stinks besides Denmark?  *lol*  Like my Granny always advised when I was younger and taking a bath..."don't forget to wash your pootie and put on clean panties."  That advice stuck with me so I cringe when I see scenes where at the end of the day, people fall into bed.  Someone hasn't washed their pootie!

I've seen countless romance movie scenes that totally turn me off.  Before I've ever been intimate with anyone, I shower.  It's just a personal preference...and no matter how romantic you present it, there is nothing masculine about a man with B.O. or a woman who matches the odor of a fish market. Am I wrong?

I've written a few unbelievable scenes myself, using descriptive words like "musky or manly" to cloud the truth.  People seem to buy that, and I'm always surprised.  There have been times though when I've dared be truthful in my story, and those seem to be the places where people take offense and find the scene unbelievable.  I'm confused.  I can make my cowboy's sexy, but as my friend Devon posted on Cowboy Kisses this week, men who rode the range didn't have access to bathing or laundering, so it wasn't uncommon for them to wear their undergarments for weeks at a time.  How unsexy is that?   Am I the only one who notices and wonders about these things?

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Sally Christie said...

I wish you would address the problem of itching yayas. Seems morning tv is overflowing with ads depicting young ladies in wedding dresses and the itch that won't stop or the lady in work clothes who looks into the mirror and is reflected like a drug addict in a dark hoody. Again with the itch.

And oh my gosh, nothing reminds the man of what made him fall in love, more than the woman twirling her hair.

It is the itch he can scratch.

I'm done now. Thanks for making me think!

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