Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ginger's Sunday Sampler

As some of you may know, I occasionally review books for Historical Novel Review, a group in which I maintain great pride because of the collective talent there, both in reviewing and writing.  I just started my latest "adventure," and I'm so impressed with the first chapter, I just had to share a sample with you.  I'll be doing a full review soon at
Waking Storm's Winter by Kathryn Adams
(Released June 2012)


"Are we ready for winter?" she asked the shadow standing beside her at the window.  No reply.

He had remained by her side throughout the heat of the summer.  She remembered the warmth of his touch on her shoulder as the sun beamed hotly upon them, his hand lightly caressing her hair as summer breezes swept past.  At the close of the day spent toiling along on their homestead, her fingers tugged at her wrist as she dipped a weary hand into the cool mountain stream flowing below the meadow.

Tinged with sadness, his touch remained throughout the fading days of fall.  She had felt his cool tears falling on her cheeks as dripping rains plummeted from leaden skies.  She could taste the hard press of his mouth on hers as she bit into a crisp red apple just below the cabin.

She stood still now, in front of the window and waited, waited for a feeling, any feeling.  Nothing.  Each day his touch grew weaker, distant, cold.  Maybe today was the day it disappeared, frozen into stillness by the falling snow.

She studied the granite stone that had stood beneath the aspen on the hill since late May.  For two days she had fought the rock-choked ground to dig the perfect hole.  For two days she had searched surrounding hillsides for the perfect piece of granite.  The bright greens and yellows of spring were flourishing when she used their house to drag the thin slap of pink-and-black-speckled rock from within the shadowed forest.  Lacking tools to carve meaningful symbols upon its surface, she simply allowed the beautiful piece to stand sentry there upon the hill, over the hole, under the aspen tree.  She required no engraved name or date to remember!

This is book one in a series yet to come, and you can find it on Amazon.

As usual, I invite you to share information on your own books, complete with buy links in the comment section, or do as I've done and share something that's grabbed your attention.


Anita Davison said...

That's a lovely passage,Ginger. It doesn't explain itself, and yet there is no need for one, the emotion tells itself. A talented writer.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Beautiful passage. I agree with Anita. My book, Ring Around the Rosy, just released from Books We Love is available at Amazon

Harassing phone calls from a killer terrify journalist, Susan Weston, after her first big byline.

Detective David Morgan investigates the calls and the fact Susan’s bracelet was found at the murder scene. Sparks fly between them in more ways than one. To make matters worse, someone is leaving roses in front of Susan’s door. Is she being stalked by a killer?

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