Thursday, July 26, 2012

Western Roundup Event - Rita Karnopp's Encore

The idea for this book came to me when I was panning gold.  I couldn't wait to get home and start writing!  Then I had a computer crash and for years believed I had lost the entire novel.  Earlier this year . . . on the bottom of a stack of novel drafts - I found the draft printed out . . . and I cried.  Earlier this year I dusted it off and did a complete rewrite - and Books We Love loved it!  I'm so happy how this book unfolds and develops in the wild west!

Montana Territory 1867

When Laura Hewett follows her father out of the mountains she never expects to lose him to an avalanche before they reach their destination of Helena, in the Territory of Montana. With the help of her friend Raven Quiver, Laura arrives at the Prickly Pear Ranch on her sixteenth birthday. Her life changes forever when she learns that the man who raised her was not her real father. Daniel Hewett stole her mother and her, leaving behind a twin sister, Lilly.

Lilly Rolston is spoiled, possessive, demanding, and uncaring; all traits she leaned well from her father, Gerhard Rolston. Lilly is furious to find out not only does she have a twin sister, but she now has a half-Blackfeet brother, Jason Rolston. If it’s true, then she no longer is the sole heir of the Rolston Prickly Pear Ranch as well as the Rolston rich gold-producing Golden Eagle Mine. This is not the sixteenth birthday surprise she was hoping for.

Betrayed by Lilly, Andy Meldrum is bent on revenge and kidnaps Laura. Upon learning he has taken the wrong girl, he goes back and captures Lilly. He’ll trade the pair as slaves to the Blackfeet; putting the high and mighty Lilly Rolston in her place

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