Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ginger's Sunday Sampler from Gail Roughton

I sort of fell off the wagon last week.  Hubby and I both were feeling our age.  He hurt his back and I sprained something in my ankle.  We both slept most of the weekend away so we didn't have to think about how old we've gotten.  :)  Anyhow, I'm back this week with an offering from a great story I'm reading, War-N-Wit, Inc - Resurrection.  If you like witches and warlocks, you've got to grab this one. This is the second in Gail Roughton's War-N-Wit series:


Resurrection. A secret society. Not everyone can join, just the elite few who remember their past lives. Only the Seer knows if those memories are truth or fabrication. There’s just one problem. The new Seer is missing in action. War-N-Wit’s new assignment is a blast from the past! But whose past?


The honeymoon was over.  And a damn good thing, too.  As honeymoons go, this one had been a killer.  Almost for real.

I glared down at my husband.  Officially, we'd been married five days.  Unofficially, well--let's just say we'd been together a lot longer than that.  Through eternity, in fact.

"The doctor said you needed to stay at least three days!  So if you think you're walking out of this hospital within thirty-six hours of almost bleedin' to death, you got another think coming Magic Man!"

He flung the white hospital bedcovers back with his right arm, at up and swung his legs off the bed.  He was good, I'll give him that.  I doubt anybody but me would've noticed the white tinge around his lips or the faint grimace when his left arm and shoulder moved.  Then again, nobody but me could feel the sting from the torn flesh around the bullet hole in his shoulder.

I said we'd been together through eternity, didn't I?  Well, there's some side benefits to this "eternal couple" thing.  This time around, it seemed we didn't just know what the other was feeling.  We felt it.

The soreness wasn't so bad.  I knew it was there and I could keep it at a distance.

Occasionally, my foot still remembered the healing knife wound through his foot--a souvenir of our wedding trip to Vegas last week.  That is, our combination wedding trip coupled with hauling in the ho and pimp who'd skipped bail.  A little side business that hadn't gone quite as planned.  Still, not everybody could say they'd gotten married on a motorcycle in the White Chapel's Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru.

This author has a way of writing that makes you feel part of the story from the get go.  I've just started the book myself, and I can't wait to get back to it, so excuse me for cutting this short.  Guess you'll have to get your own copy to find out what happens to this snappy hero and heroine.  You can find it on Amazon.


J Q Rose said...

Two of my favorite people on one post--Ginger and Gail. I read WW Resurrection, the second in Gail's series. This woman has an imagination and the talent to put together a story that grabs you by the throat and hangs on till you finish the book! Looking forward to # 3 in the War n Wit series.

Gail Roughton said...

Ginger Simpson and J Q Rose, I love you both!! Thank you so much, you don't know how much that means. (Had no idea Ginger was gonna do that, folks!)

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