Thursday, August 23, 2012

I I want to share with you . . . how they catch monkeys

     Imagine a wooden box 12” x 12” and the top opens because it has hinges. Imagine opening the box and setting a big, red juicy apply in the bottom of the box. Then imagine closing and locking it. Then, around to the side is a hole and it is big enough for the monkey to look inside and see the red, juicy apple. But the hole is small enough so the only way for the monkey to get inside the box is to squeeze his fingers inside the hole. Now imagine the monkey reaching inside the box and grabbing the red, juicy apple. Now the apple is in the palm of the monkey’s hand.
     However, there is a problem. As the monkey tries to pull his hand out of the box, he finds it doesn’t fit through the hole. The reason is because the apple is in the palm of the monkey’s hand. Now the monkey won’t let go of that apple for anything. As a result, the poacher comes in and kills the monkey. Now realize, all the monkey would have to do is let go of the apple and he’d be free, but he won’t let go. Soon he’s a dead monkey. 
       This is a metaphor for authors who just don’t discipline themselves to write. Usually there is something in your life that you need to let go. But, as a result of not letting it go, it remains a roadblock to your success. Ultimately it ends up hurting you. 
     Talk with your writing group or friend and ask, ‘what am I not letting go of?’ Meaning; is it your fear, is it the insecurity of knowing you can’t finish your book, you don’t have to worry about what to do next – once the book is finished or is it because you’re just lazy? Whatever the challenge is, for most people, they don’t open themselves up to themselves or their writing partners, to learn what is not allowing them to ‘let go of the apple.’ Ultimately, it leads to the death of your writing career.
     So let me reiterate - write down your goals – make sure you have a plan for success.  And do it all with a great attitude. "Choose to have a great day." There will certainly be days with circumstances that we are not able to change. There may be people we deal with that act like jerks. But, regardless of what we are faced with each day, we can choose to let it affect our attitude, or we can choose to not let it affect our attitude.
     Attitude is a choice . . . Choose to have a great day!  

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