Sunday, September 23, 2012

Revenge by Rita Karnopp

One of my most bought books is Revenge.  I wrote this book because a friend of mine was having some problems with her marriage. Suddenly her husband of ten months said he need some space. Eight months pregnant, he put her in a hotel near the hospital.  I'm serious...he truly did this.

He said he would take her and the baby home from the hospital. But, once he realized the baby was a girl, he didn't take them home with him. My friend never returned home again. You see, he was a rancher and he already had a daughter with his first wife. He wanted a son.

I wrote this book to keep my friend's mind off her troubles.  We worked within a block of each other. Every night I would write as many pages as I could - I'd print them and meet her the next morning on the corner so she could read . . . this is the fastest book I ever wrote! 


Abi and her newborn daughter, Kelly, are in trouble. Someone has made repeated attempts on their lives, and her sister, Chyna, thinks she knows exactly who; Trevor Madden, Abi’s soon-to-be ex-husband. Trevor has turned violent and abusive. Who is he mixed up with and why does he want to get rid of his wife and baby daughter?

Abi takes Kelly and flees into the icy wilderness of Montana with handsome Detective Miles Sandler. It doesn’t take Abi long to realize her heart isn’t all that safe either. But, with Trevor hot on their trail and Chyna getting dangerously close to the truth, will any of them come out of this alive?

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