Thursday, September 13, 2012

Short Stories to Sample from Books We Love

Books We Love is the greatest 'by invite' publisher I've had the good fortune to luck into..  It's a close knit group of authors and administrators who relate well to each other, and our 'fearless leaders' who are also authors, have insight into what we all need to succeed.  Those of us signed there are fortunate to take advantage of their motivation, inspiration, and enjoy the success that has long been denied most of us.

The latest opportunity from Books We Love, besides another great contest, is offering current or prospective readers the opportunity to sample the work of a great many of their authors through short stories offered at no cost.  FREE....yep, you heard me. You can track what's new and exciting at:   In just one day, this is the accumulated line up and it will be changing frequently as new ones are added for your reading pleasure.  Who can turn down free?  It takes a few seconds to download a PDF file directly to your computer, and for those of you Kindle-spoiled folks...all you need to do is forward the PDF file to your Kindle email address with "convert" in the subject line, and you can continue your e-reading habit.  Gotta love Books We Love.

Killer Spade by Jude Pittman
Write Your Novel by Joan Hall Hovey
The Cat's Meow by Jude Pittman
Dark Reunion by Joan Hall Hovey
Recipes and Remedies by John Wisdomkeeper
Behind the Door by Kathy Fischer Brown
Nemethis by Lee Killough
Tooth Fairy Wisdom by Ginger Simpson
Popcorn Murders by Cheryl Wright
The Night The Moon Sang by Juliet Waldron
Nothing But Romance by Sydell Voeller

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