Thursday, October 4, 2012

GYPSY SPIRIT ~ Book One ~ Tango of Death Series

I'm so excited to share with you that Gypsy Spirit, my first book in the Tango of Death series released today!  My sister just emailed me she read the book in two days . . . she couldn't put it down. She asked me if the information about the Holocaust was true.  I explained everything I shared in this book is real... right down to SS Obersturmführer Kurt Gerstein, a First Lieutenant in the Waffen SS.  Feel free to email what you think of Gypsy Spirit at 

GYPSY SPIRIT ~ Book One ~ Tango of Death Series  Few people realize that being Gypsy in 1943 Poland was as dangerous and frightening as being a Jew. It is guessed that between five hundred thousand to one million Gypsies perished during the Holocaust, the Porraimos (the devouring) as the Gypsies called it.
     Gypsy Spirit is the story of fifteen year-old Zilka Sucuri, a Gypsy girl who is thrust into the horrors of the Holocaust. Her life of traveling from town to town, singing and dancing the Gypsy way comes to an unconscionable stop when a SS death squad shoot every man, woman, and child in her kumpania. If she had not literally been up a tree, she would have been among those lying dead in a mass grave.
     Her lungo drom (the long road) takes her across Poland, Austria, and Germany in a driving struggle to help an American pilot return safely to his unit so he can return to bomb the many concentration, work, and death camps all across Poland and Germany. Her efforts reveal the truths of Belzec, the challenges of the partisans, and the burning desire to survive to be a living witness of what truly happened to the non-Aryans of Hitler's Germany.
     Gypsy Spirit is a story of the driving spirit of a Gypsy girl, who took it upon herself to document the truth. Her strength and determination brings to light a story of magnanimity and the fears and atrocities such a Gypsy girl might have lived through.

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