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Positive Thinking Activities - To Get You Going!

Pick one of these positive thinking activities to keep a positive attitude

One of the benefits of positive thinking is increased awareness.  When you practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings over a period of time, it comes to a point that you are naturally aware of you feeling positive or negative.  Then, feeling positive is just a matter of choice and action.
Whenever you are aware that you are in a negative state of mind you can choose to take up on one of the positive thinking activities from the list below and improve how you feel.  

You can also use these positive thinking activities to maintain your positive attitude.

These positive thinking activities will help you to keep your positive attitude as long as you choose to focus on what you are doing and obtain the maximum benefit from the activity.

It will be easier to pick something that you know is going to help you feel better.

The importance of focusing

It is very important that you keep focused on what you are doing to make the most out of it. If you have trouble focusing on what you do, you may like to check a good technique described in living in the present.

Take note of what works for you. Compile a list of your favorite positive thinking activities and refer to it whenever you feel down.

It will be easier to pick something that you know is going to help you feel better.

Positive thinking activities
Take some time to feel grateful for what you have. Truly feel thankful for your abundance. You could even compile a list and write it down to remind you every time of the things and people that you do have in your life.

You could also read the free ebook by Wes Hopper "Power of gratitude": an eye-opening to the five most common blocks that we tend to create to being grateful.

Watch "The secret". This is a positive thinking movie that presents an initial approach to how we shape our lives and what we attract to ourselves.

Grab the set of recordings "Infinite Possibilities" and listen to recording number 6, "Magical Universe", for an immediate boost of energy.

Read a good book on positive thinking. You can do a search for them in Google, or pick one from this list of positive thinking books.

If you can, take some time to sit in front of the sea and relax, letting calm come to you. Look at the immensity of the ocean and allow peace in yourself.

Let all negative thoughts and emotions wash away with the waves.

Subscribe to the Notes from the Universe , keep their daily emails and re-read them for a boost. These are truly positive thinking notes. You could also visit the TUT forum, which is full of positive people making their way through life.

Practice meditation. You don't need to do anything special: simply sit quietly for a few minutes where you won't be disturbed and focus on your breathing.

When you find yourself thinking about anything, bring yourself gently back to your breathing. Stay for as long as you like; the more you stay with it, the more you'll find it pleasant and soothing.

Watch a good funny movie. You could rent it out and make yourself comfortable at home with all the paraphernalia: pop-corn, drinks, food. Have a good laugh!

Do some exercise (half an hour of good, focused exercise, is ideal, though ten minutes will already make you feel good). This will clear your lungs and help you breath better, filling you with energy.

If you enjoy cooking, choose a new dish to make and have a glass of wine while you make it. Enjoy the experience by focusing on the sensual side: how the ingredients smell, feel, taste...

Go for a walk for just the purpose of enjoying your walk. Choose an area you have never been to and appreciate what you experience.

Create a personal board for the things that you want to achieve. Browse through magazines and cut out pictures that represent what you want to have: the house, the car, the relationships... Paste them on your board and have it visible to keep a positive attitude.

Plan a picnic in the park. Take along a good book or an interesting magazine. Relax. Be open to meet people.

Spend some time helping someone else to do something. It could be a relative, a neighbor, or you could even volunteer to help at a charity shop or at an orphan asylum, for instance.

Getting out of your own self and helping someone else will feel rewarding.

Be creative: draw, paint, write, compose poetry, mold clay, even if you have not done anything like that before.

Let your right brain work and express yourself. Your purpose is not to demonstrate how much of an artist you are, but to have fun being creative.

If you have a dog, go for a walk or spend time playing with them. Realize the miracle of your dog alive, communicating with you without words.

Enjoy being playful. Who knows, you may even learn something from your dog...

If you keep plants, do some gardening and find peace in grooming your plants. Buy yourself a flower pot of your favorite color and remember the beauty of life whenever you look at it.

If you have kids or nephews, take time to play with them. Observe that the mind of a child is still not constrained by society's rules and values, and it's very creative. Go back to youth by playing with kids.

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