Monday, December 24, 2012

No - Bah’ Humbug by Rita Karnopp

     It’s that joyous time of year again – the one we (young and old) all can’t wait Christmas carols, trimmings, lights, shopping, baked goods, laughter, holiday movies, etc.  . . .  well, almost all.
     Hmmmm . . . what or how do you handle the bah’ humbugs?  I have one in my office. He says twenty times a day – I hate Christmas.  What’s so strange about that is … he professes to be a very religious man. Those two things never balance in my mind.  He goes around making a point that Christmas is so commercialized (yes- it is) and Christmas is so materialized (yes- it can be) and Christmas is annoying because people are hipped and charged (yes- they are)  and people are just out-and-out rude (yes-some I’m sure are) and Christmas just isn’t what it used to be (yes- maybe it isn’t).
     I’ve given this bah’ humbug thing a lot of thought since this person in my office is GETTING ON MY NERVES! (And the season has just started!)
     I believe the holidays are spectacular! Thanksgiving (I always like to mention this) is the start of all the holidays.  It’s our time to contemplate what we are grateful for. It puts us in the mood and mind-frame of family and giving and just a thump on the head of our many blessings.  As with Thanksgiving, Christmas pulls families and friends together.  We are reminded of the wonderment of the most important birth took place and the humility and meaning of it all. I believe that should be our focus.
     We celebrate with all the pomp and circumstance in celebration.  We fold our family and friends in close to feel that birth. We are reminded to be grateful for the births in our families, too. To celebrate with joy and happiness. We give gifts because it’s a way of celebration . . . a gift of love.
     The bah’ humbugs – I believe – are afraid of that celebration because they are alone or insecure. . . even if they aren’t alone.  They are afraid of being hurt. Maybe it reminds them they don’t have many friends – and there’s a fear of not being invited to any parties. They are intimidated by the great happiness and joy it brings and it undermines their quiet world.  They find gift giving uncomfortable – what if it’s not the right thing and the receiver won’t like it? I don’t think the bah’ humbugs dislike the birth of Jesus – they fear they aren’t worthy.
     The next time you hear ‘bah’ humbug’ . . . don’t argue . . . give attitude . . .or  get in a big discussion of ‘why they are trying to diminish Christmas.’ Feel somewhat sorry for them, because they don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas. They haven’t been touched by the wonder and joy of Christ’s birth. 

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