Thursday, January 3, 2013


   With the new year already here . . . what are your writing goals?  Will you write them down – or just write during the year by the ‘seat of your pants (please excuse another cliché’). 
     I’m often asked, how do you get so much done?  And I have to answer, “I would get nothing done if I didn’t schedule goals and deadlines.  That is the magic . . . if you want to call it that.  When I didn’t write down my expectations, goals, and deadlines, I accomplished barely twenty percent of what I wanted to.  Now I’m finding that I surpass my expectations, goals and deadlines.
     You might ask how did I manage to write three novels and rewrite another, especially while working full-time.  Again, I could only accomplish it by writing and scheduling everything in my day-planner, be strict with my time, and be determined to accomplish my goals.  I actually find myself challenging myself and beating deadlines – in a competitive banter with myself.  It works . . . and it’s really a great feeling to beat deadlines!
     So what do I have planned for 2013 . . . egads . . . after my cataract surgery in January-February – I will start writing the 3rd book of the Tango of Death trilogy, Jewish Soul.  Right after that is sent off to my publisher I’ll be all excited to start my Ten Commandments suspense series!  That will be a switch from concentrating on the Holocaust 

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