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Enchanted Cottage

A fantasy romance by Shirley Martin, published by Books We Love.

An evil witch places a curse on Alana Cullain, turning the once beautiful woman into an ugly hag. Chased from her village, Alana seeks sanctuary in the dark forest. There she finds a strange cottage, one she had never seen before, and makes her home there.

Demoted and badly wounded in battle, mercenary soldier Colin Duffrey heads home to recover. Along the way, he discovers a cottage in the midst of a forest and finds refuge there. 

A woman, marred on the outside, and a man, afflicted on the inside, meet in an isolated cottage. There, they learn that they can help each other. And with a bit of magic, miracles can happen.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Well worth the money and a keeper for sure! January 11, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This was a very sweet, engrossing, fantasy romance that I read in about a day. A kind and beautiful woman is cursed by a jealous witch, causing a marring of her beauty and her shunning from her village. She retreats to the woods where she stumbles upon a cottage in a clearing that she knew did not exist prior to the day of her shunning. She accepts her fate and begins a solitary existence in the cottage, caring for a wounded soldier that also stumbles into the cottage. I liked how the heroine, Alana, was determined to stand on her own two feet and work with the changes that her life had undergone. The romance and love was glossed over for most of the book, its only detracting factor, but the interaction between the characters was intricate, believable, and well written. It was an enjoyable read and one I plan on rereading as the mood strikes.

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