Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Tragedy is over...or is it?

I feel compelled to write something in the light of the capture of suspect #2 in the Boston Marathon bombings.  I'm wondering just how effective our homeland security is as I just discovered an article on the Internet from a reliable source that makes me believe that so many things go on behind the scenes that we are not aware of, and we're kept in the dark purposely to hide the ineffectiveness of some of our governmental agencies.  In fact, we are like babies....spoonfed what someone deems we need to know.

The elder of the two brothers was reported by the Russian government to our Homeland Security as a possible risk because he had become radicalized during his time in Russia.  He was interviewed two years ago and deemed not to be a risk.  Certainly that father's opinion of his angels and the Uncle who lives in the US paint two very different pictures.  Accordingly, he was placed on a "watch" list, but because of the interview, neglected as the threat we now know him to be.

Remember Nidal Hasan, the Army physician who was responsible for the slaughter at Fort Hood some time back?  He was also interviewed and placed on a watch list.  Who's watching these people?  I suppose the government can't do anything until they explode...or we do. Just seems like there's a big hole somewhere that leaves the average citizen defenseless...especially if we have no guns.

If you'd like to read the article, here's the link:   I'm sure it will raise your eyebrows, as it did mine.

I also mentioned on FB yesterday how some tragedies seem to be overlooked and downplayed by the media, as in the knife slashing and explosion in Texas which forever changed the lives of hundreds, if not more.  Where's the President's sympathy for those people?  Sorry, but I just was appalled to learn that when the first lady visited the hospital to check on the health and well-being of the Saudi National who was then a possible suspect, she didn't take time to visit the man who lost both of his legs and was instrumental in identifying the suspects.  The true heroes in this story are found on this site:

We tend to throw around the term "heroes" too loosely.  Yes, the police and rescue folks did their job, but does that make them heroes?  Imagine all the paid overtime.  True heroes do something they are not called upon to do when horrific circumstances happen and they are not required to act. Like the man in the Cowboy hat in the now-famous photo.  The man who owned the boat where suspect #2 hid noticed a broken strap on his cover and blood on the ground and notified the police.  They had already checked that neighborhood and obviously didn't bother with the boat.  I'm not badmouthing them, just saying, they had lots of help and in my opinion, there are others more worth of being called a "hero." No need to chastise me if you don't agree.  Despite the government's attempt to change the constitution, I still believe I still have a right to my opinion.


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Yes. great thoughts on everything. We all should have a right to our opinion and it's true we are only told what "They" want us to know.

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