Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dream Weaver by Shirley Martin Reviewed....

If you enjoy time travels with an historical twist, then you'll love this book.

In modern day, Gwen Emrys has visions, and one comes upon her while she's driving and almost causes her to crash.  In this vision, she sees a man in a cabin in the woods--a handsome man, clad in clothing from a different era.  While trying to determine the reason for and the source of these glimpses into the past, she decides to visit a restored historial fort, and to her dismay and surprise, ends up in this middle of her vision.

The prim and proper man from a different era, speaks quite properly and Gwen must learn to tamp back her slang in order to be understood.  At times, it's quite humorous.

Christian is a doctor and travels frequently to visit his patients who live hither and yon. Of course, when she mentions hospitals and no house calls in her era, he simply disregards her information as nonsense.  How in the world could such things exist?   He wants to trust her, but there is word that there is a French spy passing valued information, and since she comes with a map of Fort Pitt in her strange attire, he can't put aside his niggling fear. 

Despite her attraction for him, she's determined to find her way out of the 1700s and back to her own time, but everything is gone, including her car and purse with evidence to show him as prove of her claim that she's come from the future--a fact he finds laughable.

Working side-by-side with Christian, Gwen speaks of cures for the diseases she sees and wishes she had access to help heal the ailing, but in her predicament, she has to determine if there is a chance to get back to the twenty-first century, or if her traveling back in time holds a meaning she has yet to discover.

The author of this historical/modern time-travel did a wonderful job with the story, both historically and how a woman caught in 1762 might react to being without all the modern conveniences she's come to rely upon.  I honestly couldn't put this book down until I finished it.  It's worthy of my "I Dug It" award.

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Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

This sounds terrific! Thanks for posting, Ginger, and congratulations to Shirley!

Ann Herrick said...

Very nice review! I love the cover. :)

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Shirley,
Great review. Congratulations. Well deserved, of course.



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