Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Release Available - A Novel Murder #Romantic Mystery

Unexplained visions, murder and mayhem. . . that's what Michelle's life has come to, and she desperately wants out of her detective position to be behind her own desk, being the author she's forced to conceal behind a pseudonym. Even though the fodder for her first book came from past cases, if she can just write her break-through novel under her real name, she'll leave the force, switch her genre to romance, and pursue the relationship she wants with her hunky partner. His desire is evident, but fraternization on the job is forbidden, and she can't gamble with the income she needs. Still, maybe those horrible visions seen through the killer's eyes will go away for good if she's no longer part of the local police department, but she can't leave until she finds out who's targeting strippers at Kitty Katz club.


Roseanne Dowell said...

This is a definite must read. I love the premise of it and after reading several other books by Ginger. This one has been added to my list.

Ginger Simpson said...

Thanks Roseanne. I really liked writing something outside my western comfort zone for a change. I hope you enjoy it.

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