Thursday, May 2, 2013


16. Be passionate – Write from the heart and be passionate.  People care or they wouldn’t be reading.  There are a million people out there, so start connecting with them. Take time to express why you’re excited or upset about something.  Ask others for their opinion.
17. Where are you?   Take time and the opportunity to let others know where and when you’ll be speaking or signing, or teaching.  Be visible every chance you get.
18. How do you feel about it?  People love sharing their opinions and knowledge with you and others.  Give them a chance to respond to a topic or story.   Excite
19. Who are your friends?   You appreciate being interviewed or being the guest on other blogs, right?  Why not support those who support you?  Have guests and encourage those guests to reciprocate.  It’s good for both of you.
20. Capture E-mail Addresses - Use a RSS feed service or a newsletter service to create a prominent spot on your site where folks can sign up to receive correspondence or a newsletter from you.  Remember to include having your blog posts delivered to their inbox.
21. We learn from feedback – We don’t know it all . . . it would be nice . . . but we just don’t know it all.  Get your readers involved and be open-minded enough to learn from them.  Why ask if you aren’t willing to listen to what they have to say. How about creating a five-minute feedback form and send it out . . . you could even post comments you find ‘outstanding’ and worth sharing.
22. Capture email addresses – Remember to take an e-mail sign-up sheet wherever you go.  Offer a chance to win a free book, a box of chocolates, or a nice gift if they sign up.  Never sell or share contact information.
23. Be prepared -  Keep an eye on your schedule and what is coming up. Announce upcoming book signings, speaking engagements, and trainings on your website, blog, notices in your newsletter, and use social media. 
24. Create buzz – You don’t have to make money with every single thing you offer.  Offer postcards, book marks, fliers, and business cards with your name and contact information, plus blurbs of your books.  Order calendars and t-shirts with your book covers on them.  If a fan wears a t-shirt with your book cover – she/he is advertising for you.
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