Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ginger Loves Reader's Digest and Their Tips!

I'm sure RD won't mind me sharing one of their wonderful articles as long as I credit the author, Michelle Crouch, and mention this was in the December 2012 issue.  I think it's wonderful that this magazine often shares tips that the normal everyday person wouldn't know about unless they informed us.  Such is the case of "Thirteen Things Your Mall Salesperson Won't Tell You."

I'm going to paraphrase, so it won't be worded exactly as Ms. Crouch's article.

1.  Some retailers add raised floor covering that actually vibrates and makes you walk slower and allows extra time to view items for purchase.  Studies have shown this little trick increases sales by 8%.

2.  When shopping, avoid the cart if a carry basket will suffice.  Studies show that shoppers buy 40% more if they use the cart because our subconscious mind wants us to fill the space.

3.  There are comparison apps available to check for better prices if you find an item you want.  Ms. Crouch indicates you can also ask the salesperson to call you if the price drops.  (Good luck with that one.)

4.  The best deals are found on weekdays because of the arrival of new merchandise and markdowns on the old.  Traffic is slower during the week and markdowns increase shoppers in the store.

5.  Remember that those cute little kiosks  in the mall pay the highest rent per square foot, so you aren't likely to find any bargains there.

6.  If something is on what's called an "end cap" or end of the aisle with a very evident price tag, that doesn't indicate it's a sale.  Manufacturers pay for those prime spots.

7.  When you have company while shopping, you'll always buy more.

8.  Poor customer service?  Not surprised.  Most employees receive bare bones training, minimum wage and are asked to do everything from cleaning toilets to unloading new merchandise.  The average length of employment is ninety days.  (I can attest to this.  I worked a Christmas season as a retail store in California, and believe me, you don't get in the spirit by dealing with all the scrooges :)

9. Displays at the register are called impulse towers for a reason.

10.  Clearance racks are a treasure trove and most who search through the merchandise will likely buy something whether it's a treasure or not simply because of the wonderful mark-down.

11.  Keep your receipt because if the price drops within a certain number of days, many retailers will refund the difference.

12.  Hate the malls?  Shop online.  This is especially helpful during the Christmas rush.  December 17 is free-shipping day by tons of retailers with delivery promised by Christmas Eve.  Check out the sites you like and determine their policy.  Some will provide free shipping anytime with a minimum purchase they've posted.

13.  When ordering jewelry on line, right before you hit "place your order" CANCEL instead.  Many retailers will email you with an offer of a discount if you return and make your purchase. you're armed to take a break from reading and writing and become a savvy shopper.  Thanks RD for educating me.

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