Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed....

 Sometimes, you write a book you're really proud of, and you, of course, as the author, totally GET the story.  Then you get reviewed and questions start to pile up in your mind.  How could readers not GET that a half-breed and a white woman couldn't find happiness anywhere as a couple in the 1800s?  I showed how he was treated by the army, and people in towns threw rocks and bottles at them as they rode by, but I guess that wasn't enough.  I thought perhaps when she lost her teaching job because she enrolled a young Indian boy might have been a hint, but I reckon not. *smile*

 Although I write fiction, I do try to make the story believable, and a happily-ever-after for my characters just wasn't in the tea leaves.  Instead, I ended with a passionate scene and Sarah realizing she may have missed out on the love of her life.  Clearly, I had to do something.

 Sarah's Passion is a sequel to Sarah's Heart and my attempt to satisfy the few people who left negative reviews because of their 'heartbreak' at not finding the traditional happily-ever-after to truly make my book a romance. Although the book is filled with romantic attraction, the era and circumstances of the hero and heroine made it impossible for me to tie everything up with a neat little bow, but I did leave myself the opportunity to continue the saga. Although the sequel is shorter in length, in my opinion, it does create what was missing for some while providing an entertaining storyline in a totally different time and place.

Not everyone GETS every story, and for those who missed the point, perhaps this will redeem me.

For those who loved the first book, this will just provide more entertainment with a lovely and determined heroine. Oh, and by the way, Jimmy Thomas is on both covers. He's a hot topic these days so I figure it couldn't hurt to jump on his bandwagon. Oh, and did I mention research? Any historical author worth their salt, makes sure to check their facts, and by now, I've come to believe that I once lived in the old west. 

Most of this article appeared some time back on "Ask" and I've just refreshed and shared it again.  I love Sarah and her story, and I really want you to love it too.  *grin*


writerspearl said...

The great American romance shouldn't be great American film where their stories end up happily ever after, especially the romance ones. It sounds like you made the right choice. That's what a good author does. Plus, no author appeals to all, not even all of their readers all of the time. That's probably good.

Rita Karnopp said...

I absolutely loved these two books... it swept me away . . . and I couldn't stop reading! Great writing!

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