Sunday, May 26, 2013

Step into my Parlor and Let's Chat about Politics...

I'm constantly amazed at how many Americans don't follow the news.  I think it's wonderful that so many people read novels that help them escape their problems and whisk them away to those "happily ever afters" and I don't want them to stop, but c'mon folks, there are things happening in the world that need some attention.

 I recently watched an "on-the-street" interview in which two UC Berkeley students didn't even know the name of the current vice president.  Very few are aware of the scandals taking place, nor do they care. That must account of the high percentage of Americans who approve the current administration's performance.

 Eventually, we all have to take some responsibility for our future, and I wonder how the younger generation will do that if they have little to no interest in the political arena that governs practically their every move these days.  Do they really want the person responsible for the IRS scandal to administer Obamacare?  Do they care that the Fast and Furious scandal in which arms were knowingly smuggled into Mexico never resulted in anyone taking responsibility?  Can those against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona really think he is targeting Latino's in his attempt to uphold immigration laws.  I guess it would make more sense to stop white-haired little ladies with Wisconsin license plates just to be politically correct.  Is Eric Holder really the type of man you want as Attorney General when he seems to have no answers to any of the questions asked of him...or he forgot, never knew, and claims he's as pure as the driven snow?  Where is the transparency President Obama promised when he campaigned.  No one even knows where he was the night an American Embassy was attacked. Do you even know about Benghazi?  If you were tied to all these scandals, wouldn't you want to step up and assure everyone you would get to the bottom of things?  I would, but evidently, his weapon is deflection.  Talk about something else and hope all the mess cleans itself up.

I received these pictures today, and in my opinion, they explain why the local news channels never focus on anything negative about our current administration.  I prefer to watch Fox, especially "The Five" where liberals and conservatives both give their opinions, and quite often they agree on matters.

The democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. The GOP is accused of publicizing the IRS scandal, but why wouldn't they when those targeted where conservative groups. I suppose the Elephant side of the house is also at fault because of the wiretaps and invasion of emails of their news peers.  Can't we do something besides point fingers?

Why not have an independent Investigator, rather than congress, who can spend more than five minutes questioning people who suddenly forget everything they ever knew?  Just wondering if anyone else shares my concern.  BTW, I don't align myself with either side...I'm just thinking the world has gone mad.

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