Wednesday, June 26, 2013

7 Steps to Become Instantly Average by Jason M. Gracia

  One of my favorite people – and someone who inspires me is Jason M. Gracia/ Founder,, Author of The Motivated Mind.    His seven 7 Steps to become instantly average is one of those articles I’ve kept to remind myself  - I want more than average.  How about you?  Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with him -
By now you know I love anything that inspires and is positive.

Who wants to be authentic or successful or outstanding or passionate or evolving when it's so much easier to be average?

Just in case you struggle with lowering your sites and settling for less, here's 7 tips to get you started down the path of mediocrity.

1. Worry About What Others Think - Live for the approval of others. Do what you think they want--or won't notice. Check each of your decisions by the benchmark of group acceptance.

2. See the Finished Product - Be overwhelmed by success. See only the clean and shiny after-pictures instead of the small steps that made it possible.

3. Do Safe - Don't take risks. Small, medium, or large. Instead, live safely in the cocoon of seeming comfort. If you've done it before, keep doing it. And only it.

4. Think 'Forever' - Treat each opportunity--or life overall—as infinite. Put things off today because, hey, you can always do it tomorrow. Don't rush. Don't hustle. Wait. Wait until it feels  just right. Then keep waiting.

5. Compare Down - Compare yourself with people who have less, give less, do less. This will make you instantly feel better. It will also keep the pressure off. As long as you're not drowning, there's no need to kick hard.

6. Keep It Fuzzy - Don't mess with your fears. Keep them just how they are: fuzzy and heavy. Let that vague feeling hold you back and scare you. Let those unclear doubts make your stomach
twist and legs freeze. Don't reduce your fears to their facts. Keep 'em fuzzy.

7. Make Failure Permanent - Always, always, always see failing as a final fall. If you mess up--game over. You can't get back up, you can't brush yourself off. You are done, and you look like a fool for trying.

Follow these simple tips and you too can be average! (Or do their opposites and start to live a better, more exciting life.)

Jason M. Gracia/ Founder,
Author, The Motivated Mind

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