Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KIDNAPPED by Rita Karnopp

I thought I would share a little inside information about my suspense KIDNAPPED, released with Books We Love.

This is one of my favorite books - because it was the first novel I sold and because it was personal.  

When my husband and I were married four years we decided we wanted to have a baby.  Well it wasn’t going to be all that easy -- and four years later we finally consoled ourselves by putting our names on several adoption lists.  When we heard anywhere from three to ten years, our hearts ached.  For years I literally cried myself to sleep.  

KIDNAPPED is a product of that experience.  Laura and Aaron Palmer’s marriage is over, yet they adopt six month old Amie. Life takes an ugly turn when they learn their daughter has been a stranger abducted child from Chicago

Searching for the truth, they find themselves caught up in a web of deception, child stealing, and danger. Their marriage teeters on a fine line while they struggle for the truth and fight to stay alive. They find love, and only pray it’s not too late. 

This story entwines your heart with the bonding love of a child.  If you want a suspense that tugs at your heart - KIDNAPPED is your story.

Note:  Just to share - we do now have a daughter and son... and feel eternally blessed.

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