Monday, June 24, 2013


I just finished an adult CPR training class Friday and wow things have changed since I took a CPR refresher course.   (Yes - that is me to the left!)   Mind you that was only four years ago.  So what has changed?

·         No longer do mouth-to-mouth on adults.

·         No longer look for a pulse.

·         Drop to knees alongside the victim – knees at chest area.

·         Tap or shake person – make sure they aren’t just sleeping.

If not sleeping:

·    Immediately direct someone to call 911

o   If you are alone – call 911 yourself – then start compressions immediately.

§  Do not hang up from 911 until they tell you to.

§  Remember – an adult only has eight (8) minutes of oxygenated blood in their body.

·         Start compressions  (Take a CPR course to learn how to perform this properly)

o   Lock fingers and begin compressions

§  Between nipple level

§  Pressing 2” down

§   – fast – to the tempo of “Stayin’ Alive.’  Run it through your head – that is fast. (Faster than our 1001…1002 … 1003 … in the past.)

·         Continue compressions until medical help arrives. 

Did you notice you don’t stop to take a pulse – before continuing?

No mouth-to-mouth between compressions.

They’ve learned this hurts the victim more than helps.


Ø  350,000-400,000 people suffer sudden cardiac arrest each year nationally.

Ø  For every minute compressions are delayed, chances of survival decrease 10-15%.

Ø  Only 6-8% survive on average nationally.

Ø  Montanans are PAR with the national average, no better.

Ø  Detroit’s average survival rate is 0-1%

Ø  Chicago is 3%, NY & and LA about 5%.

Ø  King County Washington, the Seattle area has a 52% survival rate because they have been teaching CPR in some way for over 30 years and claim 70% of their population is trained.

Check out this great site regarding ‘How to learn CPR and Save a Life.  It’s worth your time– you just might be able to save the life of someone you love.


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It is really a must to take a . CPR course . Learning CPR skills can help save lives. It is important for parents to learn CPR skills especially when they have infants so that they will know exactly what to do when there is an unlikely situation. It is always best to be prepared at times for unfortunate situations.

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