Thursday, June 6, 2013

Learn what went wrong - and fix it! by Rita Karnopp

Be Positive - but also learn what went wrong - and fix it! 

A couple of years ago I read an article that stuck with me - and I'm reminded of it time and again.  It went something like this . . . 

Question:  We all know optimism reigns as the gold standard of attitudes.  We all strive for that positive mental outlook.  I rave about it all the time - and state often - I won't accept negativity around me!   But what if it's not the right choice? Could we all be striving for the wrong thing?

Answer: Yes.  It may be hard to believe, blind optimism is rarely the best option.

Case in point - if I remember the scenario correctly: A 39-year-old designer from Orlando was released from a national designing competition.  One important requirement was the ability to work well with others.  The truth - that wasn't his strong point. After several heated arguments with other competitors, he was cut from the competition. The judges told him his management skills or lack of them would ruin any chance of success.

Did their comments devastate him?  Not in the least.   In his mind - the judges were obviously wrong.  He was destined to succeed and he had no doubt he would find a way to make his dream come true.

An optimistic for sure.  BUT it's this attitude that would send him crashing for disaster.  Believing everyone is wrong - and he'll succeed the second - third - or fortieth time around is ridiculous if you don't recognize and change what kept you from succeeding in the first place.

It's clear that the designer didn't listen or find any wisdom in their criticisms.  It's also clear that he would most likely head into the next project--and every project--with the same abrasive and close-minded attitude.  His optimistic outlook is blinding him from the truth he needs to hear.

When you fail, don't brush yourself off and say you'll succeed next time.  Learn what went wrong and fix it. Your willingness to improve, that strong confidence, and then that positive attitude will be your catalyst for success.


Morgan Mandel said...

Yes, blind optimism usually will get a person nowhere, but hope will.

With hope, we can follow someone else's constructive criticism and have the courage to try something different and see if it will work.

Morgan Mandel

cic said...

So very true. While optimism can be a good thing, blind optimism can be totally counter productive.
As a writer, I see little point in submitting work for any kind of assessment and then ignoring the critique.

Rita Karnopp said...

Morgan ... love how you said, "Blind optimism usually will get a person nowhere, but hope will." You are so right. Thanks for commenting. Rita

Rita Karnopp said...

Christine - I'm so there with you. Why ask for comments if you're not willing to listen - and change. If we're not willing to grow - success will never happen. Appreciate the comment. :) Rita

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